Stop adding friends to your blacklist

Two days ago, I saw a hot topic on Weibo. If we had not added friends, there would not be so many stories now. When I clicked on the topic, all the stories were sad.First provoke me is you, loathe to give up you is me;Touched you is me, can not put down is also me;You tired do not want to play, not the end of the play or I.Two people choose together of that moment, at least is enchanted, two people choose to separate that moment, also can only show enchanted, over.Meeting and parting are normal in life, so the probability of company is doomed to be at most 50/50.There is a line in the movie “The Exes 3” : “After Zixia leaves Zhizunbao, Zhizunbao can truly grow into Sun Wukong.”But there is another sentence: “After the supreme treasure left Zixia, zixia finally became the immortal.”Whether it is a boy or a girl, fate, separated, the next station will meet their own life.So when you come, I welcome you with open arms and give you all I have.You go, I watch the distance, please don’t look back.Even if later my world, without you;Also glad my world, have you.Author: Qiao Mo

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