In 2022, when these five major changes occur in the community, your house will lose 20% of its value

When buying a house, almost all the buyers will ignore the community property, but also think that as long as the house is suitable, no matter how the community property!Little do they know, this is very wrong!If the property is not good, the owners live but very upset, in this case, who will come to this community to buy a house?How can your home not depreciate when there is no demand?Here, xiaobian would like to say that in 2022, when the community property has these five changes, your house will depreciate by 20%!Generally speaking, the income earned by the residential property using the public area belongs to all the owners, which only have the right to collect, can not swallow into the pocket!If the community property starts to steal public income, no longer pay dividends to the owners, it is bound to be complained by the owners!After the owner puts forward objection, if the plot property still refuses to share out bonus, that property relation can be as fire and water!In this case, if you can not drive the property, the owner will sell the house to leave the price!(2) Property projects less property and the owner of the labor contract.The owner shall pay the property fee on time, and the property management of the community shall provide corresponding property services according to the property contract.Each owner hopes that the property fee they pay can allow them to enjoy more property services, such as free on-site maintenance;Free delivery.But in real life, these services can be additional fees, but the owners are too difficult!③ The property service is poor, but the quality of the property service will affect the comfort of the owners!Just think about it, if the residential property casually put strangers in and out, many owners have the situation of home theft, at this time you can also feel at ease to live?This is the result of poor property service!Accordingly, everybody must pay attention to understand property service stand or fall when buying a house, if discover property service is very poor, change a village at once!④ Property time is short under normal circumstances, less than last resort, the owners will not easily dismiss the property!If you find that the property has changed, and not for a long time, then you should pay attention!Compared with the millions of dollars spent on housing, two or three hundred dollars a month in property costs seem to be nothing at all!But you should know that property management fee is a long-term expenditure, over time, it can be a huge expenditure!Accordingly, when buying a house, the person who buy a house had better understand the charge standard of property cost, if discover property cost is higher, you had better give up!For home buyers, residential property can not be ignored when buying a house, after all, residential property may accompany them for 70 years.If the community property problems, but it will affect their own house value.Finally, xiaobian would like to remind you that in 2022, when the community property has the above five changes, your house will depreciate by 20%!

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