“Festival civilization volunteer care trip” Tengzhou City new era civilization practice Center to focus on volunteer service activities

The public network, poster journalists Wu sweet jade-like stone Li Quanji kimuro Zaozhuang reported to vigorously promote the voluntary service spirit, abundant masses festival culture life, to create a happy festival festival, civilized and peaceful, warm and harmonious atmosphere, on Jan. 25, su service center of the new era of civilization practice in Buddhism park in volunteer service activities, will be close to the heart of care and warmth to the people,Add warmth to a cold winter day.This activity to “festival ShangWenMing volunteer care line” as the theme, organizational culture art volunteers, health healthy volunteers, science popularization, ecological environmental protection volunteers, the national fitness volunteers, civilization publicity volunteers, carried out the New Year “fu”, the popular science propaganda, health clinics, and other forms of volunteer service activities.At the activity site, the reporters of Dazhong · Poster news saw that the volunteers worked hard and wrote neatly and smoothly on the paper, and sent the Spring Festival couplets of peace, harmony and auspice to the citizens as good wishes.At the free clinic, health volunteers receive everyone who comes to the clinic, provide free medical services such as blood pressure testing and health consultation, patiently and carefully explain health science popularization and epidemic prevention and control knowledge, and advocate a healthy lifestyle.Civilized publicity volunteers issued to the masses “civilized and healthy Chinese New Year”, fireworks propaganda materials to remind the public of the harm of setting off fireworks, as well as the possible serious injury and consequences, advocate everyone to consciously abide by the provisions of prohibition, have a civilized, healthy and safe Spring Festival.This activity enhanced the communication and interaction between volunteers of civilization practice in the new era and residents, enriched the cultural life of residents, and further made residents feel the thick festive atmosphere.At the same time, it also conveys the volunteer service spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”.

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