4 by packaging “delay” of the old domestic goods, the effect does not lose big brands, do not recognize goods too pity!

With the improvement of people’s aesthetic appreciation, the skin care industry has also achieved rapid development. There are a variety of skin care products on the market now. There are well-known brands including Lancome, La Mer, SKII, etc., as well as domestic brands such as Baique Ling and Herborist.Do not know when many people in the choice of skin care products directly skipped our domestic brands, every day is talking about the effect of some big brand skin care products how how good.Is our domestic skin care products really so bad?Actually otherwise, the effect of our home-made brand is not bad at all, but is “delayed” by packaging.In fact, every product is real material, but many people ignore our domestic products.Today xiaobian to share with you a few affordable old domestic brands.The Face cream of Queen Pien Tze Huang was very popular in the 1980s. It has a history of hundreds of years. It first appeared in the Qing Dynasty, when only the royal family was qualified to use it.Although this cream continues to this day, the packaging has not changed much. Compared with some foreign big brands, many people will definitely be attracted by the exquisite packaging of foreign skin care products. Although the packaging of this cream is not as delicate as the big brands, the composition is not ambiguous.The color of the cream looks like it was ground from herbs.This ingredient is great for nourishing our skin and keeping it healthy all the time.When using this cream, it is recommended to use it with toner as it contains a lot of water.Apply your toner first. This cream locks in the moisture in your skin for the best results.Spring of the second paragraph: yun astragalus cream this spring yun astragalus creams can be used to describe her long history, the facial cream, as its name, it is made of astragalus root extract, can not only is good enough to nourish the skin, also can effectively alleviate the aging, and will be very good anti-inflammatory sterilization effect, mild ingredients, even sensitive skin can be at ease use.This astragalus cream has been used, we can first apply a hot towel on the face to help the skin open pores, then use the essence, and finally use the cream, so as to maximize the effect of the cream.Let the nutrients in the essence be better locked by the cream, so that the nutrients in the face will not be lost!Third, nine beauty hall essence we all know that essence with other nutrients, skin care products do not have essence for repair of facial defects, as well as the skin filling water more targeted, the nine beauty essence excellent moisturizing effect, nutrition is rich, can completely meet the demand of our mould department skin daily.And this essence contains a variety of nutrient essence, including: hyaluronic acid, bird’s nest, centella asiatifolia and other ingredients, not only rich in nutrients, but also will not cause any burden on the skin, the upper face absorption speed is also very fast, after use can obviously feel the skin is not as dry as before.And the price of this essence is also very close to the people, the ingredients are mild, suitable for all kinds of skin people, and this essence with astragalus cream can achieve double moisturizing effect, the effect is very good!$4: Mr Bei eye frost this eye cream name is very special, so a lot of people will be very curious, why call golden eye cream, actually because of this eye cream color is golden yellow, and the stone looks like a golden beads, and this eye cream contains extracts from gold, can effectively relieve our aging around the eyes.This eye cream comes with a small spoon.When we use it, we just take a one-size eye cream, put it on the skin around the eyes and gently massage it.Absorption speed is very fast, persistent use can dilute dark circles and bags under the eyes.The effect of this eye cream is very good.Friends who often stay up late can try.Although the package of these domestic products is not very impressive, but each effect is very good.Like friends can try.

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