Tongshan County Urban management Bureau: remove snow on the road to ensure safe travel

From the evening of February 6 to the morning of February 7, heavy snow suddenly fell in our county.County urban management bureau in the deputy county mayor Wang Dingming under the leadership of the immediate launch of emergency plan, organization of all staff to the main roads and key areas of our county, snow removal work, to ensure the smooth road, so that the people travel safely.Mingjie All Media reporter: I am standing on Yangdu Avenue. We can see that the snow is still falling and the snow on the road has been increasing. Behind me, the staff of the urban management department are cleaning the snow on the road to ensure the smooth road.The director of The Urban Management Bureau of Huangchongde County dispatched all the cadres and staff to clean the snow and ice in key sections of the main roads and Bridges in the urban area. At the same time, the sanitation workers cleaned up the garbage in time. The Park and Forestry Bureau was divided into four groups and dispatched four vehicles to clear and transport the branches along the road that were crushed by the snow.In the main roads and parks of our county, urban management staff can be seen shoveling snow.It is understood that the county urban management bureau sent a total of 690 people and 2 shovels to clean snow, sent out the size of 12 sprinklers for salt water melt snow operations.Human and material resources will be put into the road snow clearing work to ensure smooth roads, minimize the impact of snowstorm weather on people’s lives, and try our best to provide services for people’s normal life.(Mingjie Li Shanshan, all media reporter) The director of the Urban management Bureau of Huangchongde County is going to fight in every main road and every key area today and tomorrow, to ensure smooth traffic for the citizens of the county.

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