Huzhou city: a buyer below the market price of 2.27 million yuan to pick up a wuxing district property!

February 7, in Huzhou city, Zhejiang Province, a leakage happened, a buyer below the market price of 2.27 million yuan successfully bought a set of wuxing District Yujia Yang a property!This is a real estate of Room 102, Building 32, Yueyang Yuan, Yujiayang Community, Huzhou City. Property Right Certificate No. 0151712. State-owned land Use Certificate No. :Hutu National Use (2006) No. 5-20561, Nature of Rights: transferred, Use: residential, floor area: floor 1-3 291.79 square meters (garage floor area 20.53 square meters, basement floor area 54.85 square meters), land use area :233.95 square meters.The whole house central air conditioning, the whole house ceiling plaster ceiling, the living room, dining room floor laying tiles, a few wall panels, the rest of the white.Solid wood flooring is laid on the bedroom floor.Kitchen, toilet ground all laid floor tile, metope wall brick laid to the top, aluminum gusset plate condole top, facilities more complete.Pendant lamp, ceiling lamp and down lamp lighting.There are traces of water seepage in the house, and the overall maintenance of the house is good.After the appraisal company passes the spot investigation, the appraisal price that gives is 8.51 million yuan, this sale is this set of house property is sold publicly for the first time, the lowest transaction price that sets is 5.96 million yuan, lower than appraisal price 2.55 million yuan.Buyers who want to buy this house need to pay a deposit of 600,000 yuan, the unit price evaluation cycle of this house is one day, each price increase shall not be less than 20,000 yuan, this house does not have the right of preemption.Since the lowest transaction price of this property is lower than the market price of 2.55 million yuan, the news of the public sale of this property has attracted a lot of attention. A total of 6570 people have been attracted to consult the specific information of this property, among which 115 people are interested in it. In order to facilitate the understanding of the latest developments, a reminder is set up.In the end, three buyers chose to sign up to participate in the bidding of this house after seeing the house on the spot and considering it carefully.In the bidding cycle, 3 buyers have bid 15 times, and finally a buyer with 6.24 million yuan in total successfully bought this house, the transaction unit price is 21,300 yuan /㎡.Although the buyer did not buy this house at the lowest transaction price, the transaction price is still lower than the appraisal price of 2.27 million yuan, I think the buyer is worth it to spend this price.So what do you think of this buyer buying this property at this price?# Properties # For more highlights, check out the house stuff

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