Greece vaccinates the homeless. Delta causes more lung damage

On the evening of 3 February local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that 17,662 new novel Coronavirus cases had been reported in Greece in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases to 2,002,206.A total of 106 deaths were reported, bringing the total death toll to 23,833.Of the 18,825 new cases reported yesterday, 58 were imported, according to the Greek National Public Health Organization. The rest of the new domestic cases occurred in:Attica (Α tau tau ι kappa ή predominate ς) of 5190 cases of thessaloniki (Θ epsilon sigma sigma alpha lambda &western argument ί kappa eta predominate ς), 2241 cases of Mr Anatolia – aqua narnia (Α ι tau lambda &western omega alpha kappa alpha rho predominate argument alpha argument ί alpha ς), 331 cases of andros (Ά argument delta rho &western nu), 7 cases of argolis (Α rho gamma &western lambda ί delta alpha ς), 163 cases of arcadia (Α rho kappa alpha delta ί alpha ς predominate) 115 cases of the alta (Ά rho tau alpha ς), 162 cases of ah, the (Α χ alpha ΐ alpha ς) 667 d foti and (Β &western ι omega tau ί alpha ς) 149 cases grevena (Γ rho epsilon beta epsilon damage degree argument argument) 37 cases ma Della (Δ rho ά mu alpha ς), 150 cases of PE Ross (Έ beta rho &western nu), 496 cases of Mr Olivia (Ε ύ beta &western ι alpha ς), 273 cases of PE in the towerVirginia (Ε nu rho nu tau alpha argument ί alpha ς) 13 cases Mr Kim sotheby’s (Ζ alpha kappa ύ predominate argument theta &western nu), 125 cases of elias (Η lambda epsilon ί alpha ς) 200 cases, masha (Η mu alpha theta ί alpha ς), 225 cases of Iraq, weng (Η rho ά kappa lambda predominate epsilon ι &western), 684 cases of Mr Soss (Θ ά sigma &western nu) 22 cases of Seth protti and (Θ epsilon sigma PI rho omega tau ί alpha ς), 92 cases of tin(Θ ή rho alpha ς) in 49 cases, cagliari (Ι kappa alpha rho predominate ί alpha ς), 4 cases of ioannina (Ι alpha omega argument argument ί argument omega argument), 364 cases of slip pull (Κ alpha beta ά lambda alpha ς), 219 cases of karim noth (Κ alpha lambda ύ mu argument &western nu) was made in 77 cases of Carl season (Κ alpha rho delta ί tau sigma alpha ς), 145 cases of capa soss (Κ alpha rho PI ά theta &western nu) card stowe in 8 cases (Κ alpha sigma tau &western rho ι ά ς) of 58 cases of nokia – Keith noth (Κ which alpha ς – Κ ύ theta argument &western nu), 2 cases of corfu (Κ which rho kappa nu predominate rho alpha ς), 309 cases of kefalonia (Κ epsilon phi alpha lambda lambda eta argument ί alpha ς), 76 cases of Kiel Keith (Κ ι lambda kappa ί predominate ς) 71 cases khoza, (Κ &western zeta ά argument eta ς), 190 cases of Collins (Κ &western rho ι argument theta ί alpha ς) 293Coase (Κ omega) 121 laconia (Λ alpha kappa omega argument predominate ί alpha ς), 113 cases of larissa (Λ ά rho ι sigma alpha ς), 556 cases of raschig tin (Λ alpha sigma ι theta ί &western nu), 148 cases of les voss (Λ which sigma beta &western nu), 249 cases of ruffle cass (Λ epsilon nu kappa ά predominate the delta alpha ς), 87 cases of slim noth (Λ ή mu argument &western nu), 45 cases (josiah Μ alpha gamma argumentEta sigma ί alpha ς), 250 cases of Mycenae (Μ epsilon sigma sigma eta argument ί alpha ς), 281 cases of milos (Μ ή lambda &western nu) 20 cases of mykonos (Μ nu kappa ό predominate argument &western nu) 50 cases at sotheby’s (Ν ά factor &western nu) of 44 cases of the Ionian (Ν ή sigma omega argument) 105 grams sancy (Ξ ά argument theta eta ς), 221 cases of paros (Π ά rho &western ς) 24 cases pela (Π which lambdaLambda alpha ς) 205 cases of pieria (Π ι epsilon rho ί alpha ς) 269 cases PuLeiWei firm (Π rho which beta epsilon zeta alpha ς) 109 cases LeiXiM farmers (Ρ epsilon theta ύ mu argument &western nu) in 239 cases, 1 pet (Ρ &western delta ό PI eta ς), 345 cases of rod (Ρ ό delta &western nu), 313 cases of samos (Σ ά mu &western nu), 91 cases of plug les (Σ epsilon rho rho damage argument), 193 cases of spokaneLas jersey (Σ PI &western rho ά delta omega argument), 11 cases of tin rose (Σ ύ rho &western nu), 38 cases of tinos (Τ ή argument &western nu) 12 cases terry Carla (Τ rho ι kappa ά predominate lambda omega argument) in 201 cases, west Otis (damage degree tau Φ theta ι ι delta alpha ς), 115 cases of Florida, damage degree rho (Φ lambda ι argument alpha ς) 33 cases Mr Keith (Φ kappa ί predominate the delta alpha omega ς) 26 cases base JiJi Hal (Χ alphaλκιδικής) 244 Cases χ ανίων 456 cases χ ί υ 105 cases Another 430 cases are being investigated the source of the infection EODY team vaccinate the homeless The Greek National Organization for Public Health (EODY) in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Medecins du Mois and OKANAAn operation was launched on The afternoon of Wednesday, 3 February local time to provide information and vaccinate homeless people living in the port of Piraeus.The move came 10 days after Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited Puerto Bi, where he promised to send mobile vaccination teams to vaccinate homeless people who had not yet been vaccinated.In addition to vaccinations, the EODY team provides rapid testing to all who wish, while distributing sleeping bags, blankets, winter clothing and food to everyone.”The first delivery (of 474,000 doses) of Novavax vaccine is expected on 21 February,” said Marios Themistokleous, Secretary general of Primary Health Care in Greece.The vaccine will be included in our nationwide vaccination program in late February and early March. “A recent study by scientists showed that the Omicron variant was less harmful to the lungs than Delta.An international team of researchers, including Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Sciences, published their findings in the journal Nature.The scientists analyzed differences in symptoms in hamsters infected with Omicron and Delta variants.They found that three days after infection, lung damage in rodents with Omicron was significantly lower than in those with the Delta mutation.Studies have shown that some hamsters infected with Delta developed severe pneumonia similar to that seen in humans.Meanwhile, animals infected with Omicron showed mild inflammation.Although Omicron causes mild symptoms, researchers warn that the elderly and those with weakened immune systems should be especially careful.(Yu Dan)

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