Bai Rui: How to ensure the health of the organization in a fast-developing enterprise?

Bai Rui: How to ensure the health of the organization in a fast-developing enterprise?Text/bai rui, organizational development experts, guest lecturer and bestselling author along with the development of the Internet, emerged more private entrepreneurs in China, these are hard working, innovation, shrewd, keen business acumen, led the team out of the ordinary find business opportunities, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, from homogeneous products emerging from the crowds were out, finally go global, to the capital.A lot of startup teams do this. They identify a market need, and then they hire people.As I did, all kinds of problems began to appear;At this point, the typical CEO tends to blame execution, so he leads his team to continue to work hard, but the problem is not solved.Many entrepreneurs start from the grassroots level, and most of their senior executives are selected from relatives, friends, classmates and family members. Entrepreneurs know every employee, even their family members, just like a big family.Many people believe that the development of high-speed enterprises does not need organizational construction and organizational diagnosis, or, in such a closely related organization, organizational diagnosis and organizational health management cannot be carried out.In fact, this is a one-sided judgment. The rapid development of enterprises and the development of formal organizations are the healthy development of organizations.It’s hard for a bad organization to go all the way.For example, Xiaomi has never been listed within eight years of its development, and its organizational system has never deviated from its strategy. Its flat structure from the very beginning reflects its unique adaptation to the initial stage.In the process of development, it took the initiative to decentralize power and quickly developed into a multi-divisional system.When the external supply system is too much, actively turn to the ecological chain, increase the tolerance and flexibility of the organization.Frequent local adjustment and ensure flexible development, not rigid and not solidified, very suitable for the current strategic direction.During the rapid development of most startups, what they lack is not executive power, but effective organizational development and management.01 identification organization at different stages, to identify the different stages of organizational issues enterprise life cycle theory, enterprise established after the start a startup period, similar to the product period, growth period, mature period, decline phase of the life cycle process, while the enterprise because the industry attributes and so on various aspects situation is different, different development phase,But by and large this life cycle exists.An enterprise is founded on the basis of certain market demand, and after the establishment of an enterprise, there is a stable period that can basically maintain the balance of payments, and then a high growth period with rapid development, then a stable growth period, and then a shrinking downturn period.No firm has ever after starting a sweet high-cost long-term, and with the growth of a market, it will attract other competitors, few people can monopolize the market, competition is Shared cake, lower profits, some companies because the first mover advantage and advantages, or technical improvement and continue to stay ahead.The life cycle of an enterprise is based on the development of a person’s whole life. When children are young, they start to cultivate learning and independence, and “intervene” in some crying. Then why do they not need organizational development, strategic planning and business model clarification in the initial stage of an enterprise?Let it grow wild?At this time, it is not that there is no OD, but there is no OD post, but we can not ignore the existence of OD function.At this point, the four most common organizational challenges faced by entrepreneurs are product business focus, efficiency and market response, profitability and value, and business-driven management.Most of these companies are engaged in traditional manufacturing or service industries, as well as some emerging Internet companies. After a year of hard work, profits may not be plentiful.However, when high-speed enterprises reach a certain stage of development, they will encounter development and management bottlenecks that are difficult to solve. At this time, they need to rely on experienced enterprise management consultants, who use professional organizational management diagnostic tools to conduct comprehensive and systematic diagnosis and analysis of enterprises, and provide diagnosis reports and improvement measures for enterprises.Take Internet enterprises as an example, they face different organizational problems at different stages.Organizational structure is the carrier of organizational development in many enterprises with rapid development, the general rules are not completely suitable, so many Internet enterprises constantly adjust their organizational structure.The ultimate goal of organizational structure design is to plan the organizational structure according to the operation and organizational strategy by comparing it with various best practices in the market.Thus :(1) reflect business strategy, customer value and key competitiveness;(2) Pay attention to economic benefits;(3) Reflect the combination of business processes;(4) Promoting performance;(5) Improve operational efficiency;(6) Focusing on the current operability, the plan is not to exceed 3 years of stability.Organizational structure is the carrier of organizational development.It is the main form of expression in the process of organizational development. When faced with different organizational problems, the five contents of organizational structure can solve a large part of the problems, sometimes more direct and effective than the problems solved by human resources.The five elements of enterprise organization architecture are :(1) centralized or decentralized organization deployment;(2) See whether the organizational hierarchy is vertical or flat;(3) Three look at the organizational rank is strict or flexible;(4) To see whether organizational decision-making is centralized or democratic;(5) See whether the organization information is exclusive or shared.Five organizational characteristics can be used to locate an organizational structure, just like introducing the process of corporate organizational structure to customers, it is necessary to clarify the nature of corporate organizational structure, whether it is linear system or functional system, or based on other properties, the ownership relationship between departments, functions of departments and the main job design within the department.The five organizational characteristics can not only locate an organizational structure, but also be applied to organizational diagnosis like a duck to water, which can quickly determine the basic characteristics of an organization.The health diagnosis methods of high-speed enterprises are also relatively simple, without modeling or building complex models.In general, a detailed understanding of the status quo of organizational management is made through sampling interview, questionnaire survey, work site visit and observation, and reference of relevant data. On this basis, a preliminary judgment and diagnosis are made on the status quo of enterprise management. The specific dimensions and diagnosis focus are shown in the following table.High-speed development enterprises renew their ideas, expand markets, strengthen internal management, improve profit margins, introduce talents and technology, improve their own research and development capabilities, introduce high-quality talents…All these are the key projects of high-speed development enterprises.Strengthen the cooperation and division of labor of various projects of enterprises by means of diagnosis, form cohesion and market competitiveness, reduce repetitive construction, reduce costs and ease internal competition.This is just like going to the hospital for regular check-ups. It is an important part of ensuring the rapid development of the organization to understand the health status of the enterprise, find clues of the disease of the organization early and manage the diagnosis and treatment behavior of health risks.Rui Bai is an organization development expert, guest lecturer and best-selling author

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