A wise man has three fears (seven)

During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), Sun Shuao became the official of the state of Chu, also the prime minister of the state. All the officials and people in the whole city came to congratulate him.At last an old man in mourning came to show his pity.Sun Shuao was very modest. He went up to my school and consulted me. “The king of Chu did not know that I had no professional integrity.Is there any reason to tell me when people come to congratulate you, and you alone to express your pity?”The old man said, “Yes.If you are proud of others, the people will desert you.Your position is very high. If you use it well, your sovereign will abandon you.Your salary is very thick, if you are not satisfied (and corrupt), then your disaster will come.”What a reminder those three sentences are.When a leader is proud, it is easy to be proud, so the old man reminded Sun Shuao not to be arrogant, not to be unauthorized, not to be greedy.Hearing this, Sun Shuao did not get angry, but immediately said to the old man, “Respect and accept orders”, respectfully accept your teachings, “I would like to hear more teachings”, and please continue to explain the truth to me.He had this teachable attitude, and the old man was willing to give him more instruction.The old man continued, “Your position is high and your intention is lower, your official interest is large and your heart is small, and your salary is thick and you dare not take it carefully. If you keep these three things, it is enough to govern Chu.”This means that the higher you are, the more humble you have to be.As the official position became higher and higher, his mind became more and more delicate and cautious for fear of doing something wrong.The salary is very generous, you should be more cautious, dare not greedy.If you can keep these three points, you will be able to bring chu to power.Sun Shuao accepted the old man’s teachings and acted according to them. He soon managed the state of Chu well.We examine history and find that those who have managed their country well have indeed managed to do so with increasing caution and humility.The story of King Wen of zhou is recorded in Han Zi.When King Wen of zhou was passing the old city of Huangfeng in his crusade against Chong, his garter was opened.He looked around and saw that no one could tie a garter for him.King Wen himself tied the garter.Seeing this, Jiang Taigong asked, “Why do you tie your garter yourself, King?”King Wen of Zhou said, “I have heard that the people who get along with a superior sovereign are his teachers.The middle prince keeps company with his friends;Inferior Kings, on the other hand, associate with those they can order.Although I am not virtuous, the people I keep company with are all the former ministers of my late king. No one can be ordered by me to tie my garter.”It was because king Wen of The Zhou dynasty was so humble that his subordinates were convinced and finally overthrew the reign of Shang Zhou.

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