The first treatment of “Noxinasan sodium injection” in Gansu province was completed in Gansu Maternal and Child Health Hospital

At 12:30 p.m. on January 25, 2022, duoduo, a 2-year-old child with spinal muscular atrophy, was injected with the gene splicing drug Noxinasan sodium injection into a normal sheath in the Children’s Emergency Center of Gansu Maternal and Child Health Hospital.This is the first pediatric patient treated with noxinacan sodium injection in Gansu province after nearly 70 thousand injections of “sky-high drug” were included in the medical insurance catalog.Blossoming children born after 42 days neonatal check-up by paramedics found limb weakness, low reaction, to conduct a comprehensive inspection and genetic diagnosis was diagnosed with congenital spinal muscular atrophy type Ⅰ, successively with pneumonia hospitalization for many times, due to repeated the symptoms of dyspnea, have to home by breathing machine adjuvant treatment for a long time.Although in 2019, the world’s first treatment drug for spinal muscular atrophy, “Noxinacan sodium Injection” was approved for marketing in China, the cost of nearly 700,000 yuan per injection was beyond Duoduo’s family’s means.Duoduo’s mother said the family never gave up hope after their child was diagnosed. Half a year ago, they received intrathecal injection of Noxinacol at the Beijing Institute of Pediatrics by asking for help and borrowing money from relatives and friends. The drug alone cost nearly 700,000 yuan at their own expense.Finally, they got a piece of heartening news.On November 11, 2021, the price of Noxinacan sodium injection was finally reduced to 33,000 yuan per injection through “soul bargaining” by negotiators at the drug negotiation site of the National Medical Insurance catalog.This good news, let a duo rekindled hope.On January 1, 2022, the new version of the National Basic Medical Insurance, Industrial injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance drug Catalog was officially launched. On January 21, they received a phone call from The Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Gansu Province, and learned that their child could be treated immediately.On January 24, Duoduo was admitted to hospital for examination and evaluation and preparation before medication. At 12:30 on January 25, Xu Ruifeng, director of the children’s emergency center of Gansu Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, successfully injected Noxinasan sodium into duoduo for treatment.After duoduo stable, no adverse reactions.Duoduo will continue to receive drugs, rehabilitation and other systematic treatment.”This is great news for spinal muscular atrophy sufferers. Many parents are so excited that they hold their heads and cry.”A director of the health care of women and children first aid center in gansu province Xu Ruifeng said, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a rare hereditary neuromuscular disease, characterized by spinal cord anterior horn motor neuron degeneration, can result in severe muscle atrophy, and progressive loss of function, the fatal genetic disease of children under 2 years first.Nosinacan sodium is the world’s first precisely targeted SMA therapy, delivered by intrathecal injection directly into the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord, improving motor function, survival and changing the course of SMA disease.Source: Gansu Culture TV channel full media reporter/Chen Ting editor/Lv Xiuhua

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