The NBA!The Rockets beat the Cavs 115-104!Greenwood combined for 42!Cuttino Mobley 29 points

Green and Wood combined for 42 points, wood contributed 21 points, Matthews added 16 points, Green added 21 points, cutton Mobley contributed 29 points in the Cavaliers’ regular-season game against the Rockets.At the end of the game, the Rockets beat the Cavaliers 115-104.In the first half of the game, Rockets team member Saku free throws, Martin dunks, Green long-range shooting, Porter scores, Martin free throws, Wood foul action, Stevens free throws, Matthews foul, Love free throws, Stevens dunks, Love scores, Wade foul action, Love gets the rebound.Matthews steals the ball. Matthews dunks it.The Rockets led the Cavaliers 64-53 at the end of the first half.Game in the second half, Godwin 18-4 run, Allen free throws, wood score, Tate, Allen dunking, layup, green Ottoman fouls, wood hit 3-pointers, Ottoman dunk, Ottoman stealing the ball success, ancient get rebounds, Matthews long-range shooting, shooting score, green love hook, Mr Luo baskets,Gordon replaced Matthews, Porter went alley-oop, Wood scored on a long-range shot, osman replaced Goodwin.The game ended with the Cavaliers losing 115 to 104 in favor of the Rockets.

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