New driving force of Dalian industry!Kede CNC is off to a great start!

"The 13th Party Congress of Liaoning and the work report of the municipal government this year have clearly proposed that the city should accelerate the construction of “Two priority areas”, play a good role in the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoning and all-round revitalization of the “high jump team”, based on the new stage of development, to achieve high-quality development.What is the key to development?Enterprise is the pillar and cell of national economic development;Project is the lifeline and new force to promote high-quality economic development.In kede NUMERICAL Control Co., LTD. ‘s constant temperature and humidity Tibetan production workshop, did not stop due to the Spring Festival, the production line is still a busy scene,Hundreds of orders for five-axis CNC machine tools in aviation, aerospace, military, energy, automotive, shipbuilding, semiconductor and other key fields are being produced and assembled here.”Master core technology” “achieve independent control” “import substitution” is a vivid footnote of KEde CNC in Dalian industrial field to strive for a new act, spell out a “good start”.Kede NUMERICAL control constant temperature and humidity Tibetan production workshop.(unit for figure questioned) industry is the engine of the economy and “YaCangShi” dalian is the important impetus to the healthy development of the economy at the moment “trillions of GDP city” goal has been anchored, dalian work as sharp and in industrial areas, to running a good New Year “first stick”, ran out of the “acceleration”, deduce TongPinGongZhen passionate endeavor between industry and city.”Guided by market demand, in January 2022, we signed and won the contract amount exceeded expectations, a good start ‘first gun’ resounding.”The “good start” of the New Year comes not only from the accumulated development of independent innovation over a decade, but also from the expansion of financing channels through the capital market to achieve excellence and strength.In 2021, landed cape nc kechuang plate, the main purpose is to raise money to improve their high-grade CNC machine tool production capacity, has implemented expanded to 40000 square meters, production workshop and production base, through the establishment of yinchuan motorized spindle buy SMT machine, motor automated production line equipment, expanding production personnel to steadily improve productivity.Industry evaluation “to master the core technology” “to achieve independent control” “import substitution” is the domestic manufacturing industry, investment industry, some of the industry on KEde CNC brief evaluation.Machine tool is the core production base of equipment manufacturing industry.Five-axis CNC machine tools have a decisive influence in aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment, automobile and other industries, representing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.From “Batumi list” to “Wassenaar agreement”, developed countries have been the five-axis CNC system and five-axis CNC machine tools as strategic materials, the implementation of export license system.Kede CNC through independent innovation, long-term accumulation, has become China’s equipment manufacturing enterprises in the field of high-end CNC machine tools and foreign capital against the “vanguard”, five-axis CNC machine tools, CNC system as the fulcrum to move the domestic market had been dominated by foreign capital.Independent innovation Kede CNC in independent innovation, technology research and development in the pursuit of perfection.It has undertaken and participated in 29 national science and technology major projects of “High-grade CNC Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” and 8 other national projects. The core team has participated in the formulation of 17 national standards and 4 industrial standards.In five-axis linkage CNC machine, high-grade CNC system and the key feature of the core technology has made a series of major breakthroughs, stand in the forefront of the industry technology level, function, control precision and machining efficiency reached the international advanced level, realized the five-axis linkage independently controllable and scale of the core technology and products of import substitution.”In terms of contract orders, they mainly focus on aerospace, automobiles, mechanical equipment, molds, tools and energy, among which aerospace accounts for half of the market.”Up to now, Kede CNC has delivered more than 500 sets of 5-axis CNC machine tools to aviation, aerospace, military, energy, automotive, shipbuilding, semiconductor and other key fields.Scientific and technological innovation is the key to win the future for enterprises, cities are so that in the future, Kede NUMERICAL control will increase the high-tech content of products and key core technology to tackle key problems, in the existing four general five-axis technology platform and two special plane series on the basis of fusion of special processing, efficient processing technology, improve the product system layout.Dalian is in the first year of its three-year bid to become a “one trillion YUAN GDP city”. Guided by innovation, dalian is strengthening the support of scientific and technological innovation and accelerating the transformation of manufacturing quality, efficiency and driving force.Dalian’s industrial system and industrial enterprises will continue to focus on targets and tasks, turning “planning” into “construction drawing” and “schedule” into “meter schedule”, striving to achieve new breakthroughs in the high-quality development of Dalian.This article is reproduced by daguan news editor, please indicate: source Daguan News (wechat: Daliandaily) reporter: Dalian News Media Group reporter Liu Yunzhe Ba Jiawei editor: Qiuju proofread: Wei Hong Recap: Qiuju source: Daguan News

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