Meitu sharing, using flowers to make poems, is a kind of feelings

Making poems with flowers is a kind of poetry is a kind of feelings is a kind of yearning is a kind of beautiful let us enjoy the world of flowers together, feel the beautiful time of this poem.Funnel cauliflower, the flower is not like a funnel.Light blue longevity flower, is so quiet and serene, calm the impetuous mood.Spring girl came, the field of wild flowers are also very beautiful, purple fern bud flowers like a small ball of velvet.When I was a child, AS long as I went to the field, I would pick this kind of flower, which is not only bright and fragrant, but also has small thorns on the edge of the leaves, but it does not affect the good mood of loving flowers.The tulip shot from above is another beautiful picture, with different angles and different effects.Dear friends, if you also like the beauty of nature, flowers and plants, all kinds of vegetables and fruits, birds, green mountains and clear water, wallpaper head, beautiful scenery, pay attention to me!There will be wonderful updates every day!Thank you very much for your attention, welcome to like, comment, forward, favorites, your encouragement is the biggest motivation for my creation.[pray][pray][pray][pray][pray][pray][pray][pray][pray][pray]

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