Forty poems of Love embroidery Quilt are worth reading

Love quilt, ci brand name, also known as “teardrop ball”.With Zhu Dunru’s “Love Embroidery Quilt · Wooden fall Jiangnan Feeling not flat” as the formal form, double tone 54 words, the first four sentences three flat rhyme, the last four sentences two flat rhyme.Another double tone 54 words, the first four sentences three flat rhyme, the last four sentences two flat rhyme and other variants.Love: nostalgia, miss meaning.Quilt: a large quilt covered with multicolored brocade.Liu Yong of northern Song Dynasty “linjiang Fairy” word: “gratuitous place, is embroidered quilt huyuan pillow, idle qing night.”Tune the song between zhu Dunru “firewood song”.Zhu Dunru was once relegated to the south for sacrificing Qin Hui.The word has “mu Luo Jiangnan feeling not flat” “what is, Chang ‘an Road” “ask next year, how this will be” and other sentences, describing the feelings of being exiled on the way.Attune name original intention borrows yearning past rich embroider warm big by, yu is reluctant to stay past comfortable life.Zhu Dunru’s feeling of falling south of the Yangtze River is not flat.The rain rustle, decline temples to today.Even chang ‘an Road, water and air, mountain lock evening clouds.The old man to wine now so, a new, residual dream dark surprised.Shed yellow tears, ask next year, how this will be born.Love embroidery quilt · untitled Xin Qiji long night cold Tim was son.The pillow moved and moved.I was laughing at others, but I was a stranger at the scene.Now only hate karma shallow, never, hate Iraq.Together with his men, the arrangement, the feast, must have to end.Love embroidery quilt · fu Butterfly careful pink and yellow thin stained musk dust.Make South China, spring dream wake up.Work life flower, hate xiao room, xianglu is deep.A short time to hate, while gossamer, high clear.For fear of being returned to spring, fly red, wear degrees of liu Yin.Love embroidery tenderly · willow thread empty there are ten million zhao Ru 茪 willow thread empty there are ten million.Fasten, stream head draw radial.Think tonight, also to the new moon, too light cold, where small bridge.How many spring jade xiao Platform xie, slip red, face chardonnay has not disappeared.If the wonder were fresh, if the rouge were languorous, stolen by the east wind, on the apricots.In love with embroidery, I will change my sable fur for fishing awning.Man in contempt, who knows fang Weng.4, zhao borrow, firewood wind stability, number of sound, Lin outside the evening bell.Secluded habitat Mo Xiaohu small, yunshan, smoke and water million heavy.Half to, danqing see, xi now, the body in the painting.Love embroidery quilt · no square can be in the face red Lu You no square can be in the face red.Laugh floating, disturbing dreams.The ground is, the sky road, and what labor, hard work.Floating again under the lotus peak, chaos cloud deep, blowing the evening bell.Visit old hidden, still in, but the crane nest, from time to time falling pine.Love quilt · Qian Gold small sleeve flower down Jiang Jie Qian gold small sleeve flower down.Crossing the bridge pavilion, leaning against the tree to listen to the warbler.Liu line, low yingbin, cyanosis cloud, chai Feng half horizontal.Red wei shadow clear window day, ripple blue heart, not to the embroidered string.Nai a little, spring to hate, in the green moth, bend and health.Wu Guiqing fan Zhang Yan a cool jade road dust.Under Yaotai, suspected is a dream cloud.Afraid to take advantage of the west wind, who, to wrinkle skirt.Gentle only in the eyes, these children, really a tempted.Drink again, before the flower wine, don’t forget, tonight deep night.Wu Wenying’s eyes are timid and timid.Small window shade, the weather seems faint.Beast furnace warm, limpid tian trapped, with chayan, micro run bao fuming.Young Jiao Ma West wind cold, old spring shirt, With wine points.Dream less than, pear road, broken long bridge, infinite twilight clouds.Wu Mei’s first taste of Spring in love with the tenderly embroidered quilt.The night is quiet and the river goose calls the clouds.People are, lonely window bottom, luxuriant sorrow, drunk broken soul.Rain window only residual light shadow, with luo clothes, infinite tears.Thin bone afraid, red cotton cold, said noon, bucket account night minutes.Falling in love with a quilt · Yellow Flowers scare through nine days of sorrowIs cold city, wind and rain blame autumn.Sorrow is, autumn heart also, and with people, came to the painting floor.Karma luckily from the day to settle, more red, can not help royal ditch.To be written with, acacia words, for fear of slave, gaunt and Hugh.Liu Chenweng took his lamp night and sat alone in the city, recalling the time to buy the lamp, the night dance in Gusu, and then set this year’s three or five dance peace.Drunk return, flower shadow full court.Do eternal night, reconvene banquet, laugh at Gusu, ten thousand eyes not bright.Now around the city song Ma, guest dusk, drizzle full city.Ten years, to the water, want to family, village temple to see the lights.Love embroidery blanket · Flute in palace, Liu Chenweng rouge is not a purple jade flute.Recognize the palace, the silver word is not pin.But phoenix, Taiwan empty ancient, than falling flowers, no second dynasty.Tianya lualu cry in, listen to wuwu, not like jiao.Wandering body, like a merchant’s wife, crying lonely boat, lonely night.Love embroidery quilt · zuxiang peachred shallow willow yellow Chen Yunping zuxiang peachred shallow willow yellow.At the beginning of yan, the palace leakage gradually long.Ren Day turn, flower tip also, leaning on blue screen, still have not tried makeup.Qin Luan old song without psychology, recall when, phase plucking mulberry.Listen to the trees, warbler, a sound, are heartbroken.Love quilt · Silver jar jar paintings dark pin Chen Yunping silver jar jar paintings dark pin.The wake curtain, the new cui gradually cross.How much, acacia hate, by the east wind, willow.Luo Window every night pear thin, Nai Yue Ming, xiangmeng easy to eliminate.Then quasi Qian, hongye, while fallen flowers, through the Xie Bridge.Love embroidery quilt · bestie hatred Liu Xueji willow catkin wind over high flying.Rain cage clear, sweet path still mud.Female companion smile, outing, feng Chai partial, flower pressure temples hang.Warbler double Yanchun mood, stirring sorrow heart, to whom.The person asks, because who thin, twist green plum, idle collect dai mei.In love with embroidery and tenderly · Biwu stole in love with the shade of a small window gao Guan Guo Stole in love with the shade of a small window.Hate banana, do not show inch heart.Code near, far from the balcony, nai Autumn night, anvil broken leakage shen.Moon Ming wants to teach blow flute.Can be separated by luan, empty leave resentment.From now on, the end of the world, this one, sorrow dream deeper.Love embroidery quilt · Shouneizi Chen Plum window to sit a few years cold.Old career, lonely.The most happy, both health, and coarse tea, rice affinity.The wine before the eyebrow deeply advised, this time, only rely on the day.See xu big, crazy children, and with appropriate, laugh to a hundred years.Love embroidery quilt · teardrop play Korean 淲 stream wind blowing rain night window.The mood, appendix into drunkenness.Remember in the depths of the mountain, I now, double temples already pale.Late night cold shadow light, difficult to dream, clear longer leakage.Bao Se broken, luan glue continued, tear ball, still with powder fragrance.Chao Zhong yi went to Chuyang, and bought a new concubine, Huan Long Smile at two o ‘clock.When the snow disappears and plum blossoms are about to be released.Do not channel, hurt spring thin, afraid of guessing, still to frown.Fragrant cui is pingshan song, the shan pillow, side and moved.Try with companion, river head to go, but drunk weng, pavilion to poetry.Love embroidery quilt · Beast furnace smoke heavy fire half coke Weng Yuanlong beast furnace smoke heavy fire half coke.Rolling curtain, snow and sales.After the decimal point, residual crow, plum blossom, cold in the Ba Bridge.Xie Niang spring hate deep as willow, not east wind, advance flocculant floating.And moot, ice silk grass, lamp ball, red embroidery not described.Love embroidery quilt jiangnan yanshui tens of thousands of heavy Zhao Shi xi Jiangnan yanshui tens of thousands of heavy.Remember jade person, flower bottom old capacity.To be sent, flying hongxin, looking at the front mountain, cold red sunset.Sejia month under the voice of sorrow, complain flowers, spring dream empty.Qian who, east jun said, Yang and, pay the wind.Love embroidery quilt · orange flower wind letter full hospital fragrance Li Taigu orange flower wind letter full hospital fragrance.Picking green plums, still afraid to taste.Green dense, red sparse place, happy to meet, fly a pair.Worthy of pity worthy of love, call qingyi, embroidered window.Dark remember, with shoulder language, to the water chestnut flower, crow damage late makeup.I am afraid of snow. I am afraid of snow.Cuiping front, short bottle full hairpin.True is, thin thin branches, recognize flowers, do not wave Yin.Idle bees and butterflies are provoked by the body, fragrance, when borrowing water shen.Both have a, my companion, as wind and frost, from rest assured.Love embroidery tenderly · River smoke like fog water full ting Zhao Chong 嶓 River smoke like fog water full ting.Early plum, partial accounted for shallow qing.Leaning on bamboo, cold and weak, want to xiaoxiang, oblique sunset clouds.A few dreams break Yang chunmian, ask flowers, still separated by a few dust.Take advantage of the moonlit night, frost wind, about colorful luan, with the load of jade sheng.Love quilt · South of the city net pavilion Fu Liu Xun light wind fog full moon.Are fragrance, floating into the window.Remember old month, idle courtyard, brake broken red, meng mi xiao makeup.Now the temples autumn sorrowful, negative lingbo, million desolate.Flower if pity, Liu Lang old, qian lotus silk, hold the setting sun.Love embroidery quilt · lean lean between see yan ding nest 萧崱 lean lean between see yan ding nest.Old play zheng, long throw because of illness.Painting endless, residual eyebrow dai, by the east wind, blowing in the willow.Dawn to dark injury spring song, the jinchai, pillow knock.Book sent with, the end of the world, and acacia, red tears package.Love the embroidery quilt · Secret Olympics, why worry about heaven and earth tube Ma Jue Secret Olympics, why worry about heaven and earth tube.In mystery, so poor and lazy.The guard rings the wall, high but not short.Horse wind, no cold and warm.爇 If the heart is fresh.Shi En newspaper, when is willing to full.The circle of success makes the man of clouds.The clouds rushed forward.Love embroidery quilt · reunion yuan Night heart dark surprise Shao Hengzhen Cao Youwen to geng Wu, too early zen, ji cloud west, for chasing and.After more than thirty years, the three old fairies have been gone for a long time.Reunion yuan Night heart dark surprise.Recall that year, the old.On fang Jing, a lamp, painting hall deep, xiao drum to Ming.Wu Yi lane in the east wind, even now, spring grass chaos.Test, bustling dream, have plum blossom, have seen peace.Love embroidery quilt · spring qing wine Zhang Zhu drunken residual dream warbler wake up.See willow shoots, shadow lane Ming.Again mistake, seek fang companion, reduce east wind, courtyard laughter.Jade help up still jiao trapped, cable cherry, Fang Lu lu lu.Longitudinal illness also, good mood, than parting, the taste is lighter.Love embroidery quilt · night together Gao Lian red green together to faint day.Kaoru hundred and, lu Slippery Fang Yan.Midnight acacia courtyard, yuanyang envy, the same round moon.Long green cover zhu Ke ting, spit fang qi, for cigarettes.Rain still bare brocade, forget sorrow place, lace at dusk.Love embroidery quilt · Seclusion Xu Shiqi Fang Duzhou xue Li village.Partial person idle, looking for a spring.Beside the hedge planted willows, to the door, add a cloud.Crane fly not to ape crowing, afraid of mountain spirit, move a text.White eye head skip, to the forest, leave a person.Love embroidery quilt · boat firewood with liang Qingbiao tree color uneven green did not thank.Broken ridge heavy guard, a stroke of smoke picturesque.Momojiang village cold rain.People hang nets and fences.The flat bridge outside the door faces the waterside pavilion.Gently OARS the sails, whistles under the window.Go fishing back to the boat in yuanpu.The wind wants to ask the fishing firewood.Chen Weisong faint green milk swallow flying, frowning red, full of lichen.After dressing, looking up, see the long day, a blue around.Pedestrians more in the sky, ask place names, where wuwei.Think lang place, branches of birds, and no Du Yu advised.Love embroidery quilt · Half mountain water half pond Wu Algae half mountain water half pond.Green Yin Yin, plum is yellow.Remember before, peach blossom Fang, no one, heavy to cui Xiang.Single shirt small fan berry moss sitting, it is nice, the weather is cool.Mo Frequency sing, Jiangnan sentence, a sound, empty from heartbroken.Love embroidery quilt, the residual wine lamp half faint xianghongzuo leakage residual wine lamp half faint, pool cold, tan Zhuan self-smoked.Want to turn on the west corner of the wall, silent no one, sorrow night points.Rubbing blue pata lingering fragrance in, afraid now, add tears.Dream less than, pear courtyard, rendong wind, blowing as broken clouds.Love embroidery quilt · Imitation Meixi Wang Pengyun light moth mountain color painting really, pu swim shirt, are emerald green.Write not, secluded repair meaning, the soul of poetry, pay broken clouds.Soft red squinting chang ‘an city, at the end of a new look, still like an old friend.At first recall get, makeup stage side, dot Wu Niang, eyebrow dai dizzy new.If I have no wine, I will be sad now.Wine, anti – chemical tears flow.Sense of life, floating, ask future, wave no gull.Secluded habitat Mo Xiaogu small, like vast, misty sea of the boat.To be identified, Penglai Road, by immortal, yellow crane roaming.Love embroidery quilt · xinsui plaice fang things have huai Fan Zengxiang sea red step barrier pair of purple.Noon window clear, baked through narcissus.Read the picture for a long time, fried tea cooked, cold window, flowers like smoke.Years ink is not much, ask the West building, who fight orchestra.And side cap, plum blossom, back dongfeng, steal juvenile.Love embroidery tenderly · Red scale blowing wine flavor Zhu Zumou red scale blowing wine flavor.Lean on the gold ship, lonely night long.Dream to peng bottom, ask stop heart, luo Xiu lu cool.Wild goose does not take acacia to go, listen to the empty building, autumn mirror tired makeup.Material brocade word, rare can, negative year, jiangshui will send.Note: The picture is landscape painting by Yu Jianhua

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