Foreign media: Putin not only attended the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, but also discussed two major issues with China

Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss gas and financial cooperation with China during his visit to Beijing for the Winter Olympics, Reuters reported on Wednesday.Kremlin presidential aide Yuri Ushakov was quoted as saying that “the heads of State of China and Russia will have lunch on Friday and could sign more than 15 agreements,” including “many new deals related to natural gas.”Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Both Russia and China oppose the politicization of sports.”It is worth noting that China’s natural gas market is the most promising and fastest growing in the world.”Ushakov said Russia is studying the possibility of building a new gas pipeline to China through Mongolia, a project that has been under discussion for a long time and will take years to be fully realized.The project Ushakov was referring to was a gas pipeline Russia has dubbed “Power of Siberia 2”.Since the beginning of this year, some Western media have hyped that “the new China-Russia pipeline threatens Europe”, especially worrying that Moscow’s “diversion of natural gas to China will pose a challenge to Europe”.The pipeline is designed to carry 50 billion cubic meters of Russian gas a year to China via Mongolia’s large caliber pipeline.Ushakov also said Moscow and Beijing are working seriously to build a joint financial infrastructure to protect Russia-China cooperation from sanctions imposed by third countries.According to Ushakov, the Russian delegation to Beijing will include Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Energy Minister Igor Shuliginov and rosneft CEO Igor Sechin.(World Wide Web)

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