As the 2022 Winter Olympics opened, I saw scenes of utter cruelty

012022 February 4th, the 24th Winter Olympic Games as scheduled in Beijing grand opening, athletes from 91 countries and regions will launch a grand and fierce sports competition.This is another glorious moment for China following the 2008 Olympic Games. The Winter Olympics will show the world the two strengths of China. First, since the outbreak of the Epidemic in the Spring Festival in 2020, China has achieved great success in fighting the epidemic, which fully demonstrates the high quality of China’s governance.The outbreak in turn across the country, like the waves, wave after wave, the virus is constantly mutating, and more and more “stronger”.Experts have long warned that this outbreak is different from previous ones and could last forever, but despite this, our government and people have demonstrated strong quarantine capabilities and effectively blocked the spread of the disease, making Our country the safest in the world.Under the epidemic, we experience life is like this: ordinary people’s life or do not lose leisure, as a small citizen, can live in such a sky, I quite have a sense of security.In the context of such a serious epidemic, we still have to spend a huge amount of money to host the Winter Olympics. The purpose is to show the world that China is still orderly and full of vitality under the epidemic. There is no such thing as foreign media legend that people are living in poverty and suffering.Second, to show our advanced artificial intelligence, which is also the soft power of a big country.Different from the previous Winter Olympics, this time we undertook the Winter Olympics, in the entire Olympic Village, and did not appear a large number of volunteers, but the use of a variety of high-tech and artificial intelligence to assist the athletes’ daily life and diet and the operation of the venue.Test of nucleic acid, for example, paramedics were “nucleic acid detection system” instead of: because will be coronavirus can spread through the aerosols in the air, the games are used in nucleic acid detection system by detecting aerosol, a virus can judge the scene, and in more than 20000 venues locked the sick, very efficient and energy saving;At the same time, athletes use band-aids, also has the function of temperature measurement, once the temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees will automatically alarm;.There are a lot of black technology in this Winter Olympics, but what I am afraid of is not the navigation robot that is commonly seen in major shopping malls, nor the artificial intelligence robot that can translate multiple languages, nor the higher cloud technology, but the stir-frying machine that appears in the athletes’ restaurant.That’s right, as you can see, restaurant kitchens have been spared some manpower during the Winter Olympics, with most of the dishes being cooked by machines.From players share video you can see, the athletes in the restaurant, tea has a robot, coffee can also be done by robots and machine pass-through these fundamental isn’t worth mentioning, the domestic many restaurants are in use by these video, I saw the abandoned chef, tea room, cafe, waiter, but my biggest feeling is, in the near future,More and more workers at the bottom will lose their jobs and become outcasts of The Times.It is not possible to lose, but certain to lose.After all, with the development of science and technology, no one can stop the trend of artificial intelligence.Perhaps all our knowledge of artificial intelligence came from American science fiction movies.All kinds of novel high-tech and artificial intelligence in the film, let us marvel.At that time, we still thought that all the scenes in the movie were illusory and far from the realization stage, but to our surprise, some scenes that we thought would only appear in the future actually appeared in our life in advance.As early as November 2018, Jack Ma opened an unmanned hotel. There was no lobby, no manager, no cleaner in the whole hotel. All the work of the hotel was handed over to artificial intelligence.After booking the hotel online, the guest only needs to swipe his face at the self-service machine in the lobby once, and the background will confirm the customer’s identity information through the public security system. Then, the guest’s personal information will cover the whole scene of the hotel.At this point, the guest’s face becomes a passport to enjoy all the hotel’s services without any guide from the waiter.The elevator and doors will open automatically, and when guests enter the room, they can adjust the lighting and all the electrical equipment in the room by giving a command to the Tmall genie.In short, unmanned hotels can give guests an early experience of what it’s really like to live in the era of artificial intelligence.Jack Ma’s unmanned hotel, let us see, under the control of artificial intelligence, the original service in the hotel lobby manager, waiters, cleaners, water electricians, background management all disappeared, that is to say, one more unmanned hotel opening, there will be more people unemployed.From the hotel CEO who earns hundreds of thousands of yuan a year to the hotel cleaner who earns 4,000 yuan a month, all have been replaced by artificial intelligence.Since there are no hotels, can also have no Banks, no restaurant, no bus, Mr. Ma’s unmanned restaurant opened in Shanghai early, artificial intelligence instead of the staff is also the biggest characteristic shows that any artificial service, can be used instead of artificial intelligence, imagine, if the series of “unmanned” really covering the life of every industry,The world will see a large number of professionals lose their livelihoods.In fact, with the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has begun to gradually replace part of the labor force.Some people have been the first to be abandoned by The Times.In short, in the future, all simple jobs that rely mostly on physical strength are likely to be completely replaced by artificial intelligence.”In the past, we were all worried that human workers would not be replaced by robots,” Ma said in a speech at an ARTIFICIAL intelligence conference last November. “Now, we are figuring out how to make machines replace workers faster.The virus is here. I want the machine ahead of the people.’Economic growth can slow down, but human beings have to grow,’ Mr. Ma said.The growth of human means the development of society, which is a natural trend, is unstoppable.From the perspective of natural replacement, the growth of artificial intelligence can eliminate part of the damage and impact caused by human labor to nature, so that nature can slowly return to its original appearance.That is to say, artificial intelligence to replace artificial, perhaps nature in natural selection, survival of the fittest.With the development of today’s times, some industries are slowly emerging, while others are slowly declining, or even dying out. We should also reflect on how long the industry we are in now can last.Are we gonna keep our jobs?When we look at these, we will understand that beauty is not the truth of the world, but the survival of the fittest and the elimination of the weak is its essence.

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