Andy Lau was made into the game?Life and Death Sniper 2 Swordfish character catches the eye, interpretation of what is called Asian handsome man

Domestic FPS online game Life and Death Sniper 2 out of the roles are all macho, name praise role swordfish, eyebrows are true Andy Lau that taste, is really very handsome, angular face looks very strong sense of power, sharp eyes do is also very vivid.Life and Death Sniper 2’s road to open beta can be said to be bumpy, incredibly experienced 8 tests, the official is really very tough, player feedback timely response, there are not satisfied with the place to continue to change.Life and Death Sniper 2 at the beginning also want to go south Korean beauty style, some good-looking characters to attract fans, but the feedback received from players is not good, but asked to go strong man style.The official gradually changed the direction of the character model painting style, so the characters are all macho men, to the player’s idea is really very respect, this kind of official really good.The official gun balance is also very willing to listen to players’ comments, for some strong reaction of the gun has been changed, now not deliberately pressure gun, muzzle lift is very obvious, for players’ skills have certain requirements, but after all, it is a shooting game, gun control is of course a required course for all players.Officials listen to player feedback and aim to balance guns as much as possible, leaving the outcome to the player’s skill.Official willingness to balance is a big step in the game’s journey.The changes of the UI of the old and new hall are also changed by listening to the comprehensive feedback of players, and the details are optimized to improve the game experience. The quality of the game is pulled up in this way.After several tests, the official version of Sniper 2 is very close to the people. Players can listen to what they say and respond to it, which is a very big recognition for players to study the game.The official is willing to listen to the player, will have more players willing to really pit.Sniper 2 is currently open for testing, interested players may wish to join the battlefield online!

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