Tip of the finger do!Shijiazhuang electronic social security card can query provident fund!

Do you know how much money you have in your provident fund account?Know to need not accumulation fund account password to be able to inquire remaining sum?Shijiazhuang Social Security card service center recently solved all these problems by expanding electronic social security card “local service” service application!As the first city in Hebei province to load the provident fund inquiry function in the “local service” of the electronic social security card, Shijiazhuang has been committed to the construction and promotion of the application scenarios of the electronic social security card.The identity certificate function of the electronic social security card allows cardholders to query their account information without entering the provident fund password.Take the application channel of wechat public account “Shijiazhuang Social Security Card” as an example. Cardholders enter the electronic social security card, click “Card service”, and click the module of “Provident Fund Inquiry” in the column of “Local Services” to check their personal account balance of provident fund.If you want to query more details, you can also click “View Account Details”, here you can query the personal account number, account status, personal monthly deposit amount, unit monthly deposit amount and other common information, to meet your precise demand for provident fund inquiry.Cardholders can also handle comprehensive social security card business through Shijiazhuang electronic social security card, inquire endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance payment information, and pay urban and rural residents’ medical insurance, endowment insurance and flexible employment medical insurance payment.No secret login shijiazhuang Human resources and social security public service hall to achieve a number of people and social business “do not meet” “fingertip”.Next, social security card service center will further expand the shijiazhuang shijiazhuang electronic wisdom city social security card application service, at the same time make full use of various counties (city, area) social security card service node location advantages, together with the social security card cooperative bank, alipay, society and people’s livelihood channel APP issued by institutions such as power, lead the issue, use the social security card,Improve the recognition and popularization rate of e-social security cards among residents of the jurisdiction, and promote the good development of the issuance and application of e-social security cards.Source: Shijiazhuang Daily

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