Shaoyang substation maintenance company: responsibility first guarantee power supply

Shaoyang News on February 17 (correspondent Wang Ke Yang Xiaohui) “Fuyuan line 614 terminal temperature in the box is 10.3 degrees, no abnormal red point……”On February 16, Shaoyang substation maintenance company maintenance staff of a group of 220 kv Fuyi substation equipment to carry out professional patrol, timely investigation and elimination of equipment defects and safety risks, to ensure the safe and stable operation of substation equipment, improve the reliability of power supply.As the temperature continues to decline, is about to usher in a new round of cold wave, residents heating load increases, in order to ensure safe operation of the substation equipment, the company organization maintenance staff to important substation’s patrol work, specialization of the patrol, the key is to detect a substation, secondary equipment of each joint whether there is a hot spot, pressure switch and the main transformer oil is normal, and so on and so forth.Make full use of the infrared thermometer, in high load period of substation equipment comprehensive physical examination, according to the measurement data, the analysis judgment equipment health status, accurately grasp the electricity peak hours running situation of substation equipment, especially for the day is not easy to find a detailed inspection, safety problems and equipment defects and defects to check found equipment hidden danger,According to the principle of “checking while reforming”, establish one problem and one problem and deal with them in time to ensure the safe operation of substation equipment and the safety of power grid.It is understood that since the beginning of January, the company has completed 220 kv Fuyi transformer, Qingshan transformer, 110 kv Jiugongqiao transformer and other more than 20 important substation professional inspection work.In the next step, the company will pay close attention to the load changes, continue to carry out in-depth special tour of substation equipment, timely eliminate all kinds of equipment defects and hidden dangers that affect the safe operation of the power grid, ensure the health quality of substation equipment, and provide a strong power guarantee for the power grid.(Editing: Silver magnolia)

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