Shanghai: Emergency rooms, operating rooms and delivery rooms for pregnant women are not sealed if it is not necessary

At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai on March 26, Wu Jinglei, Director of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, said that due to epidemic prevention and control, emergency departments in some medical institutions have suspended their services to varying degrees after receiving novel Coronavirus positive cases, which has caused inconvenience to patients’ normal medical treatment.In order to further scientific and precise epidemic prevention and control, and minimize the impact of epidemic prevention and control on people’s access to medical care, we require scientific, standardized and reasonable prevention and control measures for medical institutions and staff. Medical institutions should not be shut down, shut down or stopped just because of the handling of the epidemic.According to the comprehensive risk of medical institutions outbreak, scientific and accurate traffic control epidemic Suggestions, accurately defined control range, according to the specification for the environment, xiaosha immediately after begin to emergency, fever clinics, dialysis room, operating room, icu, pregnant women delivery room, such as “non-essential not traffic control”, establish and improve the spare area contingency plans, set up the buffer room and buffer area.To strengthen the centralization residents of health care, medical institutions to dock with the region, to provide the green channel, strictly implement the initial diagnosis system and the critical patients rescue system, to ensure that the critical patients get timely treatment, especially the level 3 general hospital, children’s hospital emergency department, such as fever clinics may not arbitrarily TingZhen, do all sorts of personal protection and resource allocation,Ensure that services are not interrupted.

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