Rural “three qing policy” has come again, “big inventory” involving every household, especially these people

Preface Covers an area of the countryside in our country still can not be underestimated, farmers and working gens in the proportion of the national population is still half, this can see the country to rural farmers take seriously the necessity.After the policy of “Three Rural areas and farmers” and the policy of “Three rural clean Houses” in 2022, attention to rural areas has become high again, and related news and hot searches are also the top of all major online platforms.So below, let’s take a look at the new round of rural three Qing policy with curiosity and expectation, why some netizens call it the “great inspection”?Originally, this new round of “three clean policy” includes the investigation of illegal housing sites, cleaning up township garbage and other project measures, the purpose of nature is also to purify the rural living environment, eliminate the potential dangers that threaten citizens living.In fact, several years ago, the state had given attention and measures to all kinds of illegal construction in rural areas, but due to ineffective supervision, lack of funds, people’s weak awareness of all kinds of external factors, resulting in the policy is not in place.The reason why the new round of “Three Clear” policy emphasizes dealing with the illegal homestead again is to safeguard the land rights of rural residents fairly and justly, because most of the illegal homestead construction is illegal.Speculators and profiteers are making use of farmers’ arable land resources to make profits, which is a negative factor for the entire rural construction and the security and stability of the rural environment, and must be dealt a severe blow with the weapon of law.In addition to the illegal homestead inventory, but also pay attention to the construction of rural ecological civilization.”Gold and silver mountains are clear waters and green mountains”. Whether from the current point of view or the long-term path of the whole rural development, ecological environment is a very important factor for the whole new rural construction and for improving the living standards and quality of life of farmers.In the past, China has also issued many similar policies to protect the environment, such as the river cleaning policy. For example, one person is responsible for a river. The so-called “river chief” really connects cadres with specific environmental protection responsibilities.In this way, when problems arise, the primary responsible person can be found quickly, which will greatly reduce the mutual bickering and buck-passing between departments and responsible persons.This time, the “big inventory” includes issues related to environmental protection and governance.The most important one is garbage sorting and garbage cleaning mentioned above.If you have lived in the countryside for some time, you will know that the rural environment is clean and beautiful, the air is fresh, and the rivers are winding.Governance is not good, that is, garbage piles, flies flying, cannot be seen.Experts point out that the impact of the environment on people’s health is very important, otherwise the international community will not always advocate air purification, reduce carbon emissions, is because the air is urgently needed for all of us, once polluted, it is linked into a block, which one in the world can not escape.If the ecological environment in the countryside is seriously damaged, it can not help but pollute the air and water, and even the land resources will be damaged to a certain extent.For example, the excessive use of pesticides, plastic mold, all kinds of garbage bags and other non-degradable waste.As well as contaminating the land, it also contaminates our drinking water sources, because the underground rivers are interconnected. Once the toxic substances flow underground, they will affect the underground water system of the whole village or even the whole region.And these harmful substances will eventually enter the body of residents, idle harm for life.Finish the environment, in fact, there are part of the content of the demolition did not mention, the front of the illegal homestead is only a part of the demolition, those abandoned houses, Wells, all kinds of buildings have to be demolished, of course, this aspect of the demolition speed is relatively fast.Because they are unclaimed buildings, the speed will be much faster without procedural obstacles.And it’s easy to see why you want to tear these things down.First, the occupation of land resources. Although China has vast territory and abundant resources, due to the large population and rapid development of urbanization, the rural area has been continuously reduced, while the land resources have been continuously lost, which is a necessary risk factor for the food security of the whole country, so the three-qing policy is imperative.On the other hand, the demolition of these abandoned buildings also aims to protect rural residents, especially teenagers and children.Just like the abandoned house after years of wind and rain erosion, there is no professional care, children playing without adult care is easy to be injured by bricks and tiles, and even the danger of collapse.Same thing with an abandoned well, without an adult, it’s possible to fall into it without a pedestrian walking by, and this happens who do you go to?Conclusion In a word, after the above analysis, the three Qing policy for rural areas is “carry on the past and open up the future”, not only with the shadow of the policy in the previous period, but also the current state and relevant departments of the careful analysis of the rural situation, which is good for our families.Even if the interests of some residents may come into contact with the implementation of the policy, we should not rush to argue, but treat it rationally and consult to solve the problem. We believe that the country will find a good way out and solution for us.The rural “three qing policy” has come again, the “big inspection” involves every household, especially these people

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