Lin Feng zhang Xinyue will make up two weddings, plans to have a second child this year, 1 and a half years old daughter’s name exposure

Lin Feng marries zhang Xinyue more than two years, change former days prodigal figure, in the eye besides the job is family, gradually to circle inside “model husband” draw close.Lin Feng recently took his wife and daughter to Hong Kong to shoot a TV series. In a rare interview with Hong Kong media on March 25, Lin Feng revealed family secrets, including his daughter’s name, plans for a second child, and the idea of a make-up wedding.Lin Feng announced his marriage on the last day of 2019 and gave birth to a daughter the following year. The three of them are very happy.Since Lin feng’s marriage, there have been rumors that the two will hold a wedding of the century. There are even rumors that they will hold a wedding in five cities, including Hong Kong, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other places, with a budget of more than 10 million yuan.Lin Feng has not responded to the rumors. He said in an interview that because the epidemic has been dragging on, fortunately, Zhang Xinyue does not mind. They will consider the thoughts of the elderly in their family to hold a wedding, and when the epidemic is better, they will hold a wedding in their hometown (Xiamen, Fujian Province) and his wife’s hometown (Yancheng, Jiangsu Province) respectively.In fact, as early as before the two married, there was a ceremony held in Xiamen, when Lin Feng took Zhang Xinyue into the ancestral temple, which is considered to be a trial marriage before marriage.In the interview, Lin Feng also talked about 1 and a half years old daughter, said her daughter’s English name is Luna, the baby name is Ge Ge, this is the couple want to name, although Lin Feng does not want her daughter appearance to be exposed, but still revealed ge ge personality cheerful, every time see dad home will say “HI”, will also shout dad.When Lin Feng and Wu Qianyu were together, he did a lot of crazy behaviors, which made people feel a little flirtatious.Now that he has a family, Lin Feng is rapidly maturing. He thinks he is completely different after becoming a father. He thinks about his daughter and wife every day.He also does not avoid the problem of two children, hope to spell a tiger baby in the second half of the year, and said that he likes his daughter.After marriage, Mrs. Zhang Xinyue puts down the job to become housewife, her cooking gets emotional intelligence high, take care of husband, daughter more than can place good mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship again, let Lin Feng be immersed in happiness, he expresses even if only one day holiday, also can take a wife and daughter to go out, act as a photographer to take photos for them.And Zhang Xinyue is also weight never say, Lin Feng where to shoot drama, she took her daughter with where, at any time to do two children ready.

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