How much is a speed limit of 120?

In a 120 speed limit, any speed exceeding 120 is considered speeding, but those who exceed the limit by 10% will not be fined or penalized.To find out what percentage of the speed limit you exceeded, you can calculate it using the formula [(actual speed – required speed)/required speed] x 100%.In our country’s high-speed speed requirements are not more than 120km/h, but in accordance with the traffic laws and regulations of punishment requirements, in the case of highway speed limit of 120km/h, only speed does not exceed 132 km/h is not easy to be punished and penalty points, due to reach the provisions of overspeed 10%.But finally super not speeding need according to the consideration of two levels: first level: look at your speedometer is speeding in general, the speedometer indicate speed than concrete is less than 5-10 km per hour, but the vast majority are in 5 km, such as the car show 60 yards and specific speed probably is only 55 yards.So if you have just a little bit more space than 120km, it’s generally not easy to go over the speed limit.The second level: in some metropolitan areas, speeding management methods on expressways are not particularly strict. Generally, speeding within 5 km is not considered.That, plus your speedometer’s exordinate 5k, 130 is not speeding.But some small localities are struggling financially and are resorting to speeding tickets.Speed limit on the highway now relevant rules also have some changes, now at a fast speed is above can bear 10% above the limit speed, although not motivate vehicles speeding, but in fact within the specific speed of 132 km/hour is likely to suffer from actual punishment, only behind suffer from relevant departments of the warning and will not be penalized,That will no doubt come as a relief to many car buyers, but there is no need for reckless driving without substantial penalties, though there will no longer be penalties for driving within 10% of the speed limit.

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