Guizhou Branch of POSTAL Savings Bank has landed the first business of public pre-deposit and withholding of electricity charges in the province’s financial system

In order to better serve the local economic and social development, meet the capital needs of electricity customers and provide a convenient and rapid way of payment, PSBC Anshun Branch has successfully implemented the first business of public pre-deposit and withholding of electricity charges in the financial system of Guizhou province, becoming the first bank under PSBC Guizhou Branch to open this business.Since then, Guizhou province has officially achieved a breakthrough of “zero” for public pre-deposit and withholding electricity charges.The business of public pre-depositing and withholding of electricity charges is that the customer signs an agreement with PSBC to withhold electricity charges, and the electricity charges are deposited into the public account opened by PSBC. The system automatically completes the business of withholding electricity charges according to the amount of electricity charges to be paid by the customer.The power supply department issues invoices to customers through Windows or the Internet, and customers do not need to go to the outlets to pay, so as to achieve “more data running and less customers running”.Since last year, for to improve service quality, optimize the environment of doing business, anshun city post office bank branch and city power supply bureau actively explore collaboration, around a given to strengthen science and technology, research how to better service the methods and measures of the enterprise, promote the service to more to save time, save trouble, finally toward collaborative opened low carbon environmental protection of pre-existing withholding electricity business,Running out of digital transformation “acceleration”.In order to do a good job in the publicity and promotion of this business, PSBC Anshun Branch sorted out the existing enterprises and introduced the characteristics and advantages of PSBC electricity fee deduction business to customers one by one, so as to broaden the channels for customers to pay through the intermediate link of the bank and relieve the pressure of the business office to pay.At the same time, it improves the efficiency of electricity collection, effectively reduces and prevents the capital risk in the cash collection link, solves the problem of “queuing to pay” for customers, shortens the business time for customers and helps them improve production efficiency, which has been praised by users.Next, the post office bank anshun city branch will continue to do the business promotion and the follow-up work, in order to enhance customer experience, promote the improvement of business environment as the goal, to further optimize the financial service, positive innovation thinking, communication and coordination, continue to expand the number of users, improve the operational efficiency of brought to withhold electricity deposit business and coverage,Consolidate the starting basis of the province to promote this business.(Contributed by Postal Savings Bank anshun Branch)

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