Gcl-poly returned to hang Seng Composite index, join the Hong Kong stock connect waiting for the door

Gcl-poly Energy (3800.HK) returned to the Hang Seng Composite Index (HSI) after Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index on Friday announced the results of its quarterly check for the fourth quarter of 2021.At this point, the number of stocks in the Hang Seng Composite index will increase from 500 to 517.Gcl-poly energy related staff said that the premise of returning to hang Seng Composite index is that the company’s main business performance is stable and good, and the capital market and investors recognized.The return means that the company is sure to join the Hong Kong Stock Connect, which is important for the company’s shareholders, investors and the capital market.Gcl-poly energy had a market capitalization of more than HK $71.5 billion as of Feb. 18’s close.This article is from the financial community

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