From the Western Jin Dynasty to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, more than two hundred years of chaos, why was Yang Jian unified in three years?

From the western jin dynasty to northern and southern dynasties, two hundred years of troubled times, is the first division in Chinese history, chaos of troubled times, if from AD 311 always fine mess, sui wendi Yang jian united the world in 589, with 278 years, gone with the beginning of the first eight king disorderly, the inside of the western jin dynasty lasted for 16 years, serious consumes the strength of the western jin dynasty,Then came the Wuhu Chaos, when five Hu nations entered the Central Plains to establish political power, this dark period is also known as the “Sixteen Wuhu States”.The former Qin dynasty, founded by the Di people, unified the whole northern China for a time. However, it was defeated by the Eastern Jin in the Battle of Feishui. After that, the former Qin quickly collapsed and the northern China fell into chaos again.At the battle of water after five hu the sixteen eastern jin defeated former qin is the northern and southern dynasties, the north once again by the xianbei people of the northern wei regime, relying on the powerful force of unified the whole of the north, northern wei also moved the capital of luoyang, and carry on the depth of the localization, it’s a pity that there is still no unified the whole of China, but because of the six towns within the uprising was divided into the eastern wei and wei.After the fall of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, four Han regimes emerged, namely song, Qi, Liang and Chen, collectively known as the Southern Dynasty. In order to distinguish it from the northern regime, “Southern Dynasty” was added to the names of the dynasties. The southern Dynasty was no less chaotic than the northern One.Eastern wei later replaced by beiqi, wei was replaced by the of their, their annexed beiqi, northern reintegration, the year is 577, four years later, Yang jian usurped their regime established the sui dynasty, in 587 AD, the sui dynasty, west beam in A.D. 589, the regime of the sui dynasty in the last, be pacified insurgency across a year later, the world to unify.It took only three years for Yang Jian, emperor Wen of sui Dynasty, to unify the whole country, which destroyed the Western Liang and The Chen dynasty. So the question is, why did Yang Jian unify China easily in only three years?There are mainly the following reasons: first, the reason of the world trend.There is a saying in The Romance of The Three Kingdoms: The general trend of the world is that if the world is united for a long time, it will be divided, and if it is divided for a long time, it will be united.Throughout the five thousand years of China, has been repeating the constant ancient invariable law, whenever a dynasty unified for a long time, will split, whenever a period of division for a long time, will be unified, but unity is normal, split is special.A few examples, the spring and autumn period and the warring states period for hundreds of years, qin unified the whole country, only unity for 15 years, the qin dynasty at the end of the world again, just out of seven years, the han dynasty set up, so the world trend to unification, the western han dynasty existed for 210 years, were follwed usurper, follwed new dynasty only exist for 15 years, the world into chaos again,More than ten years later, Liu Xiu unified the country and established the Eastern Han Dynasty.Eight king of the eastern han dynasty last years points of The Three Kingdoms, the three countries is divided and lasted only 60 years, were unified in west jin dynasty, western jin dynasty, the first eight king, and then five degrees at random, the destruction of the western jin dynasty into the northern and southern dynasties, 278 years, until it was briefly unification, Yang jian sui dynasty existed for 37 years, only to the sui dynasty last years, the world chaos again,Until the Tang Dynasty established and unified China.The History of the Five Dynasties and Ten States was a period of turmoil. The five Dynasties and Ten States existed for 72 years and were ended by the Northern Song. Then the Northern Song did not unify the world, but divided it with the Liao and The Western Xia, which was also considered as a state of division until the Yuan Dynasty unified the world.For a long time, unification will lead to division, and for a long time, unification will follow. During the 278 years of chaos in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, wars and dynastic changes took place most frequently. Various forces competed to enter and then leave the stage of history.Five the sixteen is xiongnu five random China, hu jie, qiang, di, xianbei successively in the five national conference semifinals in the central plains, the huns was the first to rise, but it is also the first quit the stage of history, after five wild China, the huns, stage any forces are strong and weakness, the historical destiny of as parabola, and then the jie, qiang, di, xianbei, repeat the same fateBut xianbei had the last laugh.Xianbei people established a series of yan, also includes only, however strong only in northern wei, northern wei stronger more than one hundred years, because the internal sharp ethnic tensions and divided into the eastern wei and wei, eastern wei founded are xianbei han Gao Huan, wei xianbei people yu-wen tai’s, beiqi inherited the eastern wei and their inherited wei, sui dynasty inherited their,The Tang dynasty inherited the Sui Dynasty, and all of these regimes merged into the Hu and Han dynasties, which is the trend of historical development.Early to their historical development period of the northern and southern dynasties, the whole world only their, be and west beam, west beam are not strictly regime, and Yang jian usurped their regime, he only needed to eliminate be unified the world, sui zhi-zhan Chen, with hundreds of years ago the battle of the western jin dynasty destroyed wu has the same trend, because the world trend tends to unity,You can also understand that the world people hate war, after all, they have been fighting for hundreds of years, they are eager for reunification, so Yang Jian unified the world in a very short time, this is also the people’s desire.Second, the Sui Dynasty was powerful.In the early period of the Northern Zhou dynasty, there were three kingdoms in the world, namely, the Northern Zhou and the Northern Qi in the north and the Chen Dynasty in the south. In 577, the Northern Zhou defeated the Northern Qi, which was just like the Wei dynasty controlled by Sima Zhao defeated the Shu Han in The Three Kingdoms period.Before defeating the Northern Qi, the Northern Zhou controlled the Guanzhong Plain, the Chengdu Plain, the Yellow River Loop area and part of the Central Plains. After defeating the Northern Qi, the Northern Zhou controlled the central Plains south of the Yangtze River plus Sichuan. Isn’t that the same as the Western Jin?The northern Zhou, the Northern Qi and the Southern Chen were simultaneously established, and the Northern Zhou was already very powerful. With the destruction of the Northern Qi, the northern Zhou occupied two of the three parts of the world, several times more powerful than the Southern Chen.Sui only needed to solve the problem of the Yangtze River, then they could defeat Chen. The Western Jin prepared for more than ten years to destroy Wu, while the Northern Zhou prepared for seven years to destroy Chen. Yang Jian took advantage of the seven years to recuperate and prepare materials, while the Chen dynasty in the south was not prepared for this.Sui zhi-zhan Chen, Yang jian used 510000 troops, and be the total force only 220000 people, the sui troops is to be 2.3 times, the two sides not only reflect the strength of the gap on the number of troops, but also on the national strength, the sui dynasty controlled area both in population, area, economic than be, sui destroy Chen is a war to attack the weak, wins is normal,Losing is abnormal.On the strength of the sui dynasty is not only, and have a democratic sui wendi Yang jian, Yang jian or generation of monarch, he under the reign of emperor sui dynasty is the first time, and it is the western rule of minzhu, after three hundred years of the first millennium, Yang jian have sandwiches and martial arts, before out the Chen, Yang jian using military means supplemented by use double agent, separates the relationship between several turkic khan,Leading to the division of Turkic region into eastern and western Turkic regions.Yang Jian, emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty, subjured the Eastern Turks of the Sui Dynasty. The Turks were no longer able to contend with the Sui Dynasty, so that the Sui Dynasty had a chance to launch a war against the Chen Dynasty, which was completed under Yang Jian.Yang Jian also had powerful generals, such as Han Qihu, Yang Su, He Ruobi, To protect the son, shi Long live and so on, a wealth of talents, which is also the condition of the destruction of the Chen Dynasty, are reflected in the strength of the Sui Dynasty.Third, the Chen Dynasty was corrupt and weak.On the one hand, strength of the sui dynasty, political correctness, on the other hand, be weak, weak, corruption be last emperor Chen left with soochow last monarch dismuke has similarities, Chen left in addiction debauchery, decadent, by a natural barrier for the Yangtze river, Yangtze river for unprotected, while sui troops against Chen Chaoshi, Chen of all stripes along the Yangtze river are almost all failed,Sui dynasty passed the Yangtze River very smoothly, the Yangtze River tianfang became the decoration of Empress Chen.No natural barrier for the Yangtze river, be destroyed is a foregone conclusion, and then a series of ridiculous Chen left in operation has accelerated the perish, where he obeyed not the voice of Chen will be recommended to command his two sons to abandon jiangzhou (now jiangxi jiujiang) cure, south of xuzhou (for now), zhenjiang city, jiangsu province getting back to health (now jiangsu nanjing), and it will be like the sui troops let penetrate,Sui troops immediately surrounded the Capital of the Chen Dynasty.Sui sui troops out zhi-zhan Chen gradually surrounded by health, left no will play again, Chen sui troops allowed form of encirclement, be star 萧摩诃 advice while sui troops remains shaky rate army attack, Chen left and did not agree, in Chen left, under the command of the capital city of more than 10 Chen incredibly still await sui troops surrounded, thus lost the initiative.After Chen also made a ridiculous thing, is the wife had an affair with 萧摩诃, in the face of a war, the monarch with ministry of wife is having an affair, so fatuous Chen left not perish is abhorrent, this led to the 萧摩诃 unintentionally, coupled with the sui troops in the war of the white earth hummock beat Chen, Chen once, then Chen generals Ren Zhong sui troops surrendered, sui troops entered the capital city,The Empress Chen was captured and the Chen dynasty was destroyed. It only took four months from the beginning of the sui Dynasty to the end of the Chen Dynasty.The Sui Dynasty destroyed the Chen Dynasty and then unified the world. The chaos of 278 years was finally terminated by Yang Jian.

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