Zhao Feng: Let’s face it when we fight the epidemic

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has put the “pause button” on the bustling City of Xi ‘an. In late December, xi ‘an spared no effort to win the war without smoke.Overnight, people were quarantined at home, shops were closed and deliveries were suspended…..I went to Haitang College, Dizhai Street, according to the arrangement of the Headquarters of epidemic Control in Baqiao District. As a volunteer sent by the District government, I carried out nucleic acid testing together with epidemic prevention personnel of the college.To DE village school of hitom’s journey far away, from home to school need forty minutes, through the head of the detection point of the college and haitang communication, understand the college teachers and other staff 8200 people, the time is tight, the task is heavy, but I still obey organization arrangement, do a good job, because I know the epidemic prevention and control, and responsibility for no sloppy.To this day, I still remember when I first came to Haitang College, the testing point was arranged in the large playground of the college.Both ends of the playground are hundreds of meters apart, one end is the exit, the other end is the entrance.When I arrived, eight nucleic acid testing posts had been set up on the playground. In fact, several rounds of nucleic acid testing had been done in the college in the days before MY support.My main work on that day was to set up a rest area and carry and distribute epidemic prevention materials. It was extremely cold, but everyone’s hearts were warm.Only through personal experience, can we empathize with each other. After being “Baymax”, we can know the hard work of each volunteer. I salute the volunteers in all positions.When the testing began, all the instructors organized the students of their class to form a square array and pass through the testing point in an orderly manner along the running track next to the football field.The medical personnel in charge of nucleic acid were flying like fingers, skillfully and seriously conducting throat tests, and then putting the tested throat swabs into test tubes. Each tube was 10 throat swabs, and 50 tubes were made into a foam board.My main job is to collect the foam boards, scan the bar codes on the test tubes one by one, make sure that every test tube is entered into the system, and call the driver responsible for the transfer work to transfer the test tubes.What makes me feel the most at work is the feeling of being out of breath and almost out of breath while wearing protective gear.According to the arrangement of The Epidemic Prevention Headquarters of Baqiao District, I also participated in the nucleic acid testing of the old community in Hongqing Street. We need to carry out nucleic acid testing for more than 20 communities in Hongqing Street. If the work in Haitang College is busy and fulfilling, then the work in the old community in Hongqing Street is relaxing.During the one month of epidemic prevention and control work, I have seen many people working day and night on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.In my opinion, volunteers are not only devotees, but also beneficiaries. Each of us has grown up in the volunteer work, and my companions and I have become good friends who support each other from strangers.Their spirit of dedication has been surging an inspiring force, this force, just like the first flower of spring, just like the chirp of a fledgling bird.I am deeply inspired by the decisions and arrangements of the country and the people, and I am convinced that the suffering will pass and the world will be better.Source: Baqiao District Justice Bureau

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