These scams are common during the holidays

What are the best scams to avoid during the holidays?How to avoid being cheated?Swipe rebate fraud criminals through wechat, QQ and other software to spread the network part-time swipe advertising.The first few orders let the victim get a small profit. After the victim finishes many orders, the victim is tricked into continuing transfer and payment on the grounds of system failure, transfer delay and account freeze, and the victim is finally shielded.Remember: brushing tasks is fraud!Fraudsters posing as customer service providers of e-commerce logistics first obtain the victim’s online shopping information through illegal channels, and then pretend to be customer service providers of e-commerce platforms and express delivery companies through phone, falsely claiming that the goods purchased by the victim “have quality problems, can compensate multiple times”, “compensation for loss of express delivery”.After deceiving the victim with the identity of “customer service”, the victim is tricked into going to a fake website or scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to get the victim’s bank card password, verification code and other information, and then deceiving the victim of money.Remember: in case of online refund, logistics claims, please verify through the official way!The swindle criminals disguised themselves as white, rich and beautiful, successful people, to make friends for the purpose of the victim, to deceive the victim’s goodwill.Then, the victim was induced to download investment and gambling apps to “make money”, and the small profits were used as bait to trick the victim into investing large sums of money, which eventually led to the loss of the victim.Remember: be careful when making friends online and check your money!Credit card fraudsters spread “no mortgage, low interest rate, quick withdrawal” loan ads, after the victims take the initiative to add wechat or QQ, send false APP download links;Guide victims to download fake loan apps and apply for loans;Ask the victim to transfer money in advance for various reasons before making the loan.People aged between 20 and 50 with financial needs are vulnerable to fraud, mostly men.Remember: pay money first and then loan there will be fraud!Citizens friends should be vigilant and keep in mind “three not one more” : unknown links do not click on personal information do not leak strange calls do not trust transfer remittance more verification source: Urumqi anti-telecom Network fraud Center

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