Sun Jishi, a hero of the fight against the virus and a Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine from Xuzhou, has been detained after he volunteered to help fight the disease in Hubei

Shou Juan news :(editor/shen yaqing) on February 15, according to the netizen shou Juan broke the news that sun jishi, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in xuzhou who had invited the war and participated in helping hubei fight the epidemic, was detained by xuzhou weihai international port bureau.Sun was detained by police on Feb. 10 on suspicion of violating the first paragraph of Article 82 of China’s criminal Law by illegally practicing medicine, according to a police arrest notice.Sun Jishi volunteered to join the civil medical team during the height of the epidemic in Wuhan, and his selfless performance in helping Hubei and fighting the epidemic was also recognized by many.

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