Shui Qingxia seal god!A miraculous substitution led China to a 2-0 deficit and a 3-2 comeback against South Korea

On February 6, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s Asian Cup final began to compete against The Korean women’s football team.This Asian Cup, The Chinese women’s football team in the head coach Shui Qingxia under the leadership of the old women’s football sonorous rose of the fighting spirit fully displayed, especially in the semifinals against the defending champion Japan women’s football team, China women’s football team in two times behind the situation, never give up.Captain Wang Shanshan scored an equaliser in the 119th minute of extra time as China demonstrated its spirit of never giving up by beating defending champions Japan 4-3 on penalties 6-5 on aggregate to reach the final of the Women’s World Cup.The Korean women’s soccer team also had a strong showing in the Asian Cup, losing 1-0 to Australia in the quarterfinals.Before the final, The Head coach of The Korean women’s football team, Bell, made it clear in an interview that if the Korean women’s football team can beat the Australian team, it will have the strength to beat the Chinese team in the final, which can be said to be very confident.Throughout the history of the Women’s Asian Cup, formerly known as The Women’s Asian Cup, it was first started in 1975 and renamed as the Women’s Asian Cup in 2006. Chinese women’s Football team has won 8 championships in total, making it the team with the most championships.But it was 16 years ago when China beat Australia on penalties.In contrast, the Korean women’s football team, this is the first time to enter the final of the Asian Cup, so The Chinese women’s football team should have a certain psychological advantage, but the actual situation of the Korean team has shown a very strong competitive state.At the end of the first half, The Chinese women’s football team’s tactics are still defensive counterattack, but the effect is very poor.In the 27th point, Korea’s Lee Jinwen assists Choi Yoo-ri to knock the Chinese team’s goal, 1-0 lead to China.After the Chinese women’s team did not get so many chances, at end of the first half of the time, the Chinese women’s football players Yao Lingwei handball in the area, the Australian referee was not the first time to give the penalty award, but by watching video playback, referee or modified for the penalty, but penalty hit South Korea players pool a smile, a 2-0 lead.The referee blew the whistle for the end of the first half immediately after the penalty.This score for Chinese women’s football, really very unfavorable.Throughout the first half, China held the ball 63 percent to 37 percent for South Korea, but the Chinese women’s team mostly turned the ball over in the middle and back court and didn’t pose much of a threat to South Korea.In shooting, China had four and South Korea five to take a 2-0 lead.We should know that in the previous two knockout matches, The Chinese women’s football team were behind the situation, to achieve a comeback, to see if the final will be a miracle again.In the 60th minute of the second half, China head coach Shui Qingxia replaced Wang with Zhang Linyan, and it seemed that Wang’s injury had affected her form.The second half of the 68th minute, The South Korean team Lee Yongzhou inside the penalty area handball, the referee decisively sentenced a penalty kick, Chinese player Tang Jia hit the penalty, The Chinese team will become 1-2, at this time the Momentum of China up!In the 72nd minute, Tang Jiali made a beautiful one-two near the right penalty area. After that, Zhang Linyan, who replaced Wang Shuang in the 60th minute, headed in the goal. In four minutes, The Chinese women’s football team tied the score 2-2.Want to know at this time completely reflected the ability of shuiqingxia interpretation of the game, the second half to replace Wang Shuang debut Zhang Linyan scored, Shuiqingxia worthy of the sonor rose of the older generation of Chinese women’s soccer!Regular time 90 minutes, the two sides to 2-2, the full game 5 minutes of extra time.In the first minute of stoppage time, South Korea had a very good chance to score, with the first shot blocked one-handed by China’s Zhu Yu and the second by a Chinese defender.In the 4th minute of added time, The Chinese team finished the interception in the end, and finished the beautiful cooperation in the front court. Wang Shanshan took the ball on her back in the penalty area, and cleverly allocated to xiao Yuyi on the right. The latter took the ball and shot decisively to complete the winner!Finally, The Chinese women’s football team defeated the Korean women’s football team 3-2, winning the women’s Asian Cup for the 9th time in history.After winning the Chinese women’s football team let the people in tears!Coach Shui Qingxia’s substitution is amazing!China women’s Football team is the Asian Cup champion!

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