Lhasa a woman, when the Internet because of this was cheated more than 175,000 yuan

On January 22, Ms. Li (pseudonym), who lives in a residential area in Lhasa, was swiping Douyin on her mobile phone when she saw an advertisement for a loan App that said, “Just need an ID card, move your finger, low interest, high amount, fast loan.” Ms. Li clicked the link to fill in the relevant loan application.Later, the customer service staff of the platform said that Ms. Li could not withdraw the cash because she filled in the wrong bank card number, and required Ms. Li to transfer the money to the designated account for unfreezing.Next is the old routine, the customer service staff first asked Ms. Li to pay the thawing fee, and then let her continue to transfer money, said that is to brush water, Ms. Li believed that they did according to the requirements of the other side, and to the other side to provide a bank account transfer more than 175,000 yuan.Li, who had not received the loan for several days, discovered that she had been defrauded and called the police.Currently, the case is under further investigation.Brushing water, security deposit, thawing fee…Step 1: First of all, criminals release loan information through the Internet, mobile phones and so on.To gain the trust and personal information of victims, they offered various benefits such as free mortgage, low interest rate and lightning loan.Routine step 2 Routine step 3 Finally, the use of the victim eager to use money psychology, with the need to unfreeze accounts, verification of repayment ability on the ground, repeatedly ask the victim remittance transfer, to be successful after the lure slip away.Keep in mind the following points to stay away from the net loan trap 1. Please apply for loans from the formal channels of the bank, and lend according to your ability and rationally.2. Do not credulous telephone and network loan information, do not credulous interest free, low interest loans, also do not leave personal contact information on the Internet, so as not to be targeted by criminals.3. Formal loans do not need to pay margin, unfreezing gold, handling charges and other fees before applying for loans, all loans to transfer, are fraud!Xi Jinping attends Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony together to the future!The latest winter Olympics video is here.Epidemic prevention and control notices were issued in Xizang

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