King of Glory: 1.28 official clothing update, Zhuge Liang glory collection online, meat playing wild knife weakened

Hello, everyone, I am Qiusou 1.28 King of Glory’s second batch of welfare activities launched, the main activities include the launch of 3 new skins, the opening of the Secret store, treasure Pavilion skin free drawing, etc., let’s take a look at the specific updates of the official clothing of the new activities.1, Zhuge Liang glory skin online Zhuge Liang glory skin – Star domain god apocalypse in thousands of calls finally online.Similar to the oracle of Wu Zetian, zhuge Liang was depicted as a powerful sorcerer who explored the universe and mastered the magic of time and space.Astral revelation, as a glorified skin, has two highlights.The first highlight is that after the scene animation ends, the clock on the background will synchronize to the real time and rotate with the real time, so that players can truly feel the existence of time.The second highlight is that there are three modes of the three skills, namely light, dark and water, which can be randomly presented in rainy day and wuling Xianjun’s rain dragon and peach blossom special effects, as well as the return to the city special effects.One skin, enjoy 3 skin effects at the same time, this wave of blood earned.Nezha’s new skin will be available in 2.4 zero, epic quality, the first week price is 710.As the skin of snow and ice series, Nezha flies fire on snow to welcome the arrival of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The special effects of Nezha’s skills with fire are all changed into special effects of snow and ice. The three skills are particularly eye-catching by using the action of alpine skiing, an Olympic sport.3, Liu Bang – Tiger Roar Sword zong has a 6 yuan series of conscience skin, 1.31 0:00 online, in addition to their own purchase, but also through the king of Glory official mall red envelope play to buy and share with friends.4, the mysterious store opened this year’s mysterious store also has two big highlights, the first is the online two legendary skin, respectively is liu Bei’s lover and dream of fat Rongrong.The second is the first official announcement of the opening probability of the discount, respectively 50% off 20%, 60% off 50%, 70% off 30%.This explains why most of the players had previously drawn a 60% discount.1.30 Open the blessing activity of tiger God, you can extract 4 kinds of skin of Rose Treasure Pavilion, and a total of 100,000 skin rewards.Every draw 100 percent can get the heart of the Rose *2, and the opportunity to get the Year of the Tiger lucky box (five tiger limited skin hero card or hero fragments *5) 6, daily recharge activities New Year online skin so much, daily recharge activities must not be less.If you are ready to buy the year of the Tiger five limited skin, or plan to extract zhuge Liang glory skin, daily top up can help save a lot of coupons.7, Drum set fortune sign after tiger market, another can get advanced legend or try skin activities, lucky koi have a chance to get glory crystal rewards.Specific activities detailed guide autumn beans I will bring you in the follow-up.8. Heroes for direct sale will be free on New Year’s Eve, and all heroes for direct sale will be free on New Year’s Day in the Year of the Tiger (excluding Wu Zetian).Finally, the 1.28 Experience server meat knife nerf ranged hero damage and slow effect halved, directly nerf shen Mengxi, the popular meat knife.The above is the main activity of 1.28 formal clothing update, we are satisfied with the glory of Zhuge Liang skin?Feel free to leave a comment.Finally, autumn beans here in advance to wish everyone a happy New Year, a happy family, everything goes well, single out the glory crystal.

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