0-2!Chinese women’s football lags behind, but not the end, looking forward to shui Qingxia guidance reappearance magic substitution

The Asian Cup eliminated the mighty Japan women’s football team with 4 wins in 4 games.The Chinese women’s football team has again drawn the attention of fans and media across the country for its fighting spirit.The Chinese women’s football team will play the ultimate game of this Asian Cup tonight, aiming to win the 9th Asian Cup title.South Korea women’s football team as tonight’s Chinese women’s football opponents, they have to draw with Japan, a small victory over Australia, the strength can not be underestimated.Sure enough, after the start of the game, although the Chinese women’s soccer team has a slight advantage in ball control.However, the South Korean team did not form a dangerous shot in the face of deep defection.Several shots were soft and did not pose a real threat to the South Korean goal.Instead is the main defensive counterattack of the South Korean women’s football team broke zhu Yu early guard of the goal.In the 26th minute, South Korea pushed the ball into the right side of China’s penalty area through a quick counterattack.Then, take the ball Lee Jinmin calm a pass, flanking the middle of cui Yu Li in front of the players, the first kick kicked the ball into the Chinese goal.Leading after the Momentum of the Korean team gradually, began to frequent “harassment” Of the Chinese team’s defense and goalkeeper.If not for zhu yu’s heroics, they would have been 2 goals down in the 29th minute.0-1 is not terrible, China women’s football this Asian Cup has been two consecutive complete reversal.As long as they equalized in the first half, or did not allow their opponents to score again, the Chinese women’s football team still has a good chance of winning.Luck, however, has not been on the side of the Chinese women’s team.In the final minute of the first half, The South Korean player kicked the ball into yao lingwei’s arms after she fell in the penalty area during a scramble.Then VAR intervened, and the referee decided to give a penalty kick after seeing it himself.South Korea’s no. 1 star Ji Xiaoran scored a quick goal to lead China 2-0 at half time.As a result of this game, the Korean women’s soccer team mainly defense counterattack.The 0-2 score, to be honest, is not friendly to The Chinese women’s football team.But that doesn’t mean the Chinese women’s team will give up the game.I believe that the rest of the shui Qingxia guidance will make adjustments.Still remember the last game against Japan women’s football, Shui Qingxia guidance staged a magical substitution, just the players will send out assists.Therefore, the second half of the game is still worth looking forward to the Chinese women’s football, no matter how The Chinese women’s football is the best.They do not give up the fighting spirit on the court, let us believe that they will always have a chance to complete the reversal.Even if they fail to lift the Asian Cup for the ninth time, they are still heroes of Chinese football in the eyes of Chinese fans.

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