Why did it take more than half a century before the Party Central Committee came to an end?

A small incident that lasted for more than half a century ended with the central committee of the Communist Party of China.What’s going on here?Here from the northwest revolution initiator Liu Zhidan and Xie Zichang profile analysis of this guerrilla internal “surrender” event, and what is the relationship between the two?What is the truth behind this?Zhi-dan liu original name was called Liu Jinggui, was born in shaanxi a normal family, with its excellent performance, to yulin middle school reading, participate in the student union, lead the aspiring young and feudalism struggle, has a lofty ambition, into the revolutionary road, 1925, to become a glorious communist party, to accept orders, to the road of huangpu military academy to continue studying.Revolutions, in the national revolutionary army, after the failure of travelling around to participate in the revolutionary cause, in 1928, led the people with lofty ideals organizations involved in the uprising movement, after a period of time, in under zhi-dan liu, there are many young people took to the revolutionary road, he used his power, will arrange into the enemy’s ranks, each responsible for collecting the enemy inside information.He pays a lot of attention to the talents, they use their own ability, guide some men took to the revolutionary road, including zhao lianhai wall, in 1930, crushed an uprising in gansu zhi-dan liu led more than one hundred people, will lead to kill enemy, captured the enemy’s supplies, integrating near effective force, after a period of time development, the team is growing, at the same time,Comrade Xie Changzi is also in action for the revolution.Xie Zichang’s original name was Xie Shiyuan, born in an ordinary family in Shaanxi province. In 1922, thanks to his excellent performance, he went to Study in Taiyuan Corps. After finishing his studies, he returned to his hometown and served as the head of the militia, during which he participated in many revolutionary uprising movements alone.Xie Zichang become a glorious communist party in 1925, the second year, returned to his hometown, would continue to develop militia, side absorb talented students to join, while promoting new ideas, organize farmers fought back his landlord, regain their own legitimate rights and interests, to win the people love, in 1927, qingjian Xie Zichang organization revolution uprising, served as deputy commander of the position,The second year, participated in weihua uprising, was counterattacked by the enemy, failed, returned to northern Shaanxi to continue the revolutionary cause, was appointed by the Party organization as a member of the military commission position, 1930, was appreciated by the Party organization, was appointed commander, responsible for the northern Shaanxi revolutionary cause.In 1931, yan Hongyan, Tuokekuan, Huang Ziwen and others led the troops to fight with the enemy in northern Shaanxi. They gathered together with Chujie and others and integrated into a team, which achieved good results. This year, Liu Zhidan and their party met, and they chose to rest in the southern Liang area.In November, Xie Zichang led the revolutionary forces arrived in the south beam, he set out to a meeting, according to the orders of the party organization, going to the south Liang Jianli revolutionary base areas, during a dispute, Xie Zichang and others hope to play a team name, early and zhi-dan liu differently, think the revolutionary forces is weak at present stage, not can tell the enemy: his name,Advocate building up strength in the dark before making plans.Party ordered, in tense, assigned to a task, again established northwest anti-imperialist alliance, internal debate over whether to play and red flag, Xie Zichang and zhi-dan liu have serious differences, cause huge contradictions, Xie Zichang pre-emptive, to disarm his forces, a great impact, the incident caused great losses to the northwest of leadership, during Yan Hongyan response to give,He is to fulfill the order of the party organization, many times in public to Liu Zhidan criticism.Until the early 80 s, Liu Jingfan mention to the party organization for zhi-dan liu unfair, think Xie Zichang line of people do not accord with the aim of the party organization, party organizations to investigate, will find out, why write a report on the truth, Xie Zichang approach is wrong, too reckless, but zhi-dan liu consider the big picture,Just did not cause irreparable huge loss, the party organization gave affirmation to Liu Zhidan, think he is a qualified revolutionary soldier.

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