When I was a child, Chinese New Year was so simple and happy

Childhood years are simple, but also happy.Chinese New Year that is the most for our kids, because only then more likely to eat for several days and eat meat dishes, put on new clothes, is only for the Chinese New Year is more happy thing: a: steamed Mo, steamed date at that time, the prosperity of rural don’t know what rules, a few days before Chinese New Year, the family began to busy steamed buns, New Year 31, until the fifteenth day of the steam is no longer.Steamed see many, use the pot, ready ahead of time wood split, steamed steamed buns have a tray high (at that time we children looked than we are also high).In order to hold the steamed bun, on the advance of the “winnowing” (with hemp rope to sorghum rod woven into a curtain shape) clean with a stick up.Such as a pot of steamed bun out of the pot, the family together, end of the end, lift lift, cool cool, very lively.Steamed buns are not all white.At that time, white flour is rare, steamed one or two POTS, reserved for relatives, other steamed some flower rolls, (sorghum or sweet potato black noodles, wrapped with a thin layer of white flour, looks good).Steamed buns have finished steamed steamed buns began to enter the important link – steamed jujube mountain.If you can, steam a big one, the size of a pan pan.Knead with bamboo chopsticks and hand into pattern pattern, each node or center by a date, red and white, plus the design is beautiful.There are also small, only the palm so only put a date in the middle.At that time, dates were also a delicious food for us. We liked to eat dates on the mountain best. At that time, dates were also luxury items for us.Two: get up in the morning pick up not ring firecrackers 30 evening in addition to follow adults stay up late to keep year outside, we boys have a more tempting thing, that is, the day does not light to point the gun of the family pick up did not ring firecrackers.Boys used to play with chain guns.A small gun made of steel pipe, bicycle chain, wire, elastic leather.The gun had to be fired with powder, and to have enough powder, we picked up the gun that did not work, cut the paper around it and poured it into a small bottle.At that time, the five more has not arrived, people actively began to fire, a put, then another also put, the sound of firecrackers this floating.As soon as we heard the cannon, we hurried to pick up the house, one by one;Sometimes his pockets were all full, but he could not hold them all, and he had to hold a handful in his hand…Looking at his booty, that kind of high jin bengmention, what tired ah, sleepy ah forget, completely immersed in the joy of harvest.At that time, there were superstitious, with waste paper to black gray wrapped up, make it mildew bag.Coins were placed in it so that people would pick them up.One or two cents, five cents at most, and then leave them in the dark at the entrance of the village where people can pick them up.In the eyes of the man who threw the bag, when he threw it, people picked it up, as if his year’s bad luck had been thrown away and picked up by the one who picked it up.Influenced by adults, we generally children do not go to pick up the musty bag, although know that there is money, then the money is very popular, even if the least cent can also buy candy.There is still that unbelieving big boy, unwrap the bag of mildew to say something to himself first, the general idea is that who threw the bag of mildew, do not mildew yourself and so on.Then he removed the coins and wiped them clean to buy candy…Now that I think about it, I remember watching the joy of taking out money to buy candy with the bag of mildew, and I know that it is not the person who picks up the bag of mildew.Three: prepare for the Lantern Festival to help adults to za Aoshan at that time of the countryside, but the fifteenth day of the first month is not New Year’s Day.And so on the sixth are finished relatives, and no farm work, so adults and children together to do the fifteenth yuan xiao Aoshan.Cut paper cut paper, paste the paste flag of the flag, tie the tie, tie, very lively……First with sorghum rod and hemp rope is a big rectangle with a small diamond lattice Angle up in the middle, and then do two parallelograms, respectively standing on both sides of the rectangle, with the rope to tie them into a piece, and then tied to sorghum rod as a flag pole, colorful triangle color paper flags.AoShan are combined, reoccupy cart up several teams as a tower, both sides tied two big stick, cart platform are made of two long sticks, give them the previously prepared AoShan fixed on the three sticks, reoccupy soft pine branches as a bird’s nest, in each small diamond on the downward Angle of this lamp holder will be ready.When there was no bulb things, with the appropriate size of the white radish, cut into two, hollowed out in the middle, pour on the cotton oil to eat, and then use cotton synthetic a few rub thick, make it light core, in the oil of the radish, and then put it on the lamp holder with pine and cypress do, this is the fifteenth day of the radish lamp.The extra colored paper is cut into small rectangles with various patterns and flower-shaped shapes by handy ladies with scissors. They are glued to a long rope with paste one by one, and then tied horizontally to the trees on both sides of the street. We call them “hanging melons”.In order to look good, two adjacent to use different colors, every other distance, pull such a “hanging melon”, until the entrance of the village, slowly the whole village is like in the colorful “hanging melon”, very good-looking.Four: fireworks, play “story” in the evening, turnip lights together.It looks good with flags and melons.At that time, there was no fireworks and no money to buy, so the old man gave full play to his wisdom and wisdom, dug a hole in the middle of a big brick, put in the gunpowder of the “thorn flower”, twisted fire, pounded solid, lit with a match, spray laogao, sparks splashing, this is the thorn flower.In order to attract more out to see the lights, people beat drums, took the cymbal, walking on stilts, playing dragon, playing lion, riding a land boat……We children have been following the “story”, from village to village, until very late at night to go home…At that time, though Chinese New Year may have been a little more bitter and bitter, people were really full, happy and happy, which is beyond the reach of today’s big fish and abundant materials.

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