Welcome twenty loyalty to keep safe | Ma Qin County public Security Bureau “four strengthen” to ensure the smooth holding of the county two sessions

In order to ensure that the county during the two sessions of the social security situation continues to be good, a few days ago, The Public Security bureau of Maqin County closely organized to carry out the public security inventory action, effectively combat and deter all kinds of illegal crimes, the maximum elimination of security risks.First, strengthen patrol prevention, strict street control.We will earnestly implement the social patrol prevention and control mechanism, focus on areas with frequent police situations and crowded places, and comprehensively strengthen patrol in key places, locations and areas such as immigrant areas, railway stations, main streets and civil trade markets by means of vehicle patrol and walking patrol. 12 police officers are dispatched on an average day.Continue to strengthen the rectification of residential communities, entertainment venues and other areas prone to theft, fighting and other crimes, effectively improve the police rate and control rate of street, strengthen social security control measures, effectively deter illegal and criminal acts, and enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the people.The second is to strengthen hidden trouble investigation, remove security risks.Auxiliary police organization people for the hotel, KTV, Internet cafes, delivering logistics, gas stations and other places of the industry to carry out the hidden perils in safety, the key units, civil air defense industry places, dimension, technology and fire control facilities, hotels, rental housing to carry out the comprehensive supervision inspection such as the system and the information registration and hidden perils, and resolutely put an end to any form of “pornography” illegal and criminal activities.Up to now, we have checked more than 30 hotels, 13 entertainment venues and 230 floating people, and rectified 3 potential safety hazards and 2 fire hazards on the spot.Third, strengthen personnel control to ensure the stability of the jurisdiction.The targets of the administrative areas were comprehensively sorted out, and the advantages of the village police and “vigilantes” in familiarity with people, places and things were brought into full play. They actively contacted each other and fully understood the daily activities and ideological trends.At the same time, visit the area to understand the actual performance of the objects under management, establish and improve various management systems, implement work measures, ensure the institutionalization, standardization and long-term of population management, and strictly prevent the occurrence of various unsafe cases.Fourth, strengthen traffic management to ensure travel safety.We will continue to carry out the rectification of traffic illegal behaviors. In accordance with the requirements of the special rectification action of “large reduction control” and drunk driving, we will adopt staggered crossing patrol and key road section patrol to achieve seamless connection, strengthen the inspection of illegal parking and faulty vehicles, and eliminate hidden dangers of road traffic safety in a timely manner.The police on duty will be placed on the road to the maximum extent, and continue to strengthen the investigation and punishment of “three over one fatigue”, illegal road occupancy, drunk driving, licensing and other illegal acts.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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