Straight shot: sent into the containment area of roses, romance is sweat behind

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily, March 31 (article/video full media reporter Huang Yaping intern Tan Huijie) Under the impact of COVID-19, buying vegetables has become the top priority of many people in Changsha after lockdown.On March 26th, Phase I, Phase II and Phase III of Yangguang 100 Community in Yuelu district of Changsha city were designated as lockdown control zones. Nearly 20,000 residents in 80 buildings were under lockdown control. How will their daily life be guaranteed?The seemingly ordinary family daily meat, poultry and eggs purchase list is sent from the stores to the hands of the citizens in the containment area, how to achieve both safe, convenient and efficient?On March 30, sanxiang City daily reporter followed the sealing area responsible for distribution of the footsteps of the merchant, undertook the whole experience.The first step: disinfection 7 o ‘clock in the morning, sanxiang metropolis daily reporter arrived on time hema fresh sunshine 100 store, usually 10 o ‘clock to open the door of the supermarket has been brightly lit.The store is located in the fourth phase of Sunshine 100 community, within the control area, the straight-line distance from the sealing control area is no more than 1km.Since March 28, yuelu District commercial bureau has released a flow chart of daily supplies guarantee for residents in Yangguang 100 lockdown area, strictly dividing the time when residents place orders and purchase goods.As one of the 3 key supplier supermarkets in Yuelu Sunshine Community, Hema Fresh adopts the “community single distribution” mode of centralized procurement, bulk picking and unified distribution.In the temporary goods distribution point on the first floor, the staff is holding a spray can filled with disinfectant to the loading foam box, distribution vehicles inside and outside the spray.Outside the distribution point, two medium-sized vans with a length of about 3 meters are temporarily deployed to cope with the surge of online orders. Orders can be centrally delivered to the delivery point of daily necessities with the “epidemic prevention and Control emergency work vehicle pass”.Step 2: Sorting sorting in the sorting area on the second floor of the supermarket, sorters are moving from shelf to shelf, picking goods according to customer order information.On the evening of March 29, Sunshine 100 residential area 71 owners Ms Wang ordered a bouquet of Roses.Along with the other goods, the roses were hanging from the picker’s arm.As one of the most vulnerable goods, it will be bagged and placed separately with milk, eggs and fruits in the secondary packaging as required.At 7:30 a.m., the roses after secondary sorting and packing were transported to the unloading area by conveyor belt, where dozens of deliverers were already waiting.The little brother who was originally in charge of distribution now undertakes the sorting work. They double check and pack goods in the temporary distribution point. In order to reduce the difficulty of subsequent sorting and distribution, information such as Lou dong number, user phone number and surname are written on the plastic bag with black marker pen.”According to the requirements of yuelu District Commercial Bureau, users’ orders from 21:30 on the previous day to 8 am on the same day will be delivered to the centralized delivery point by 10 am;Orders placed between 8 a.m. and 13 a.m. will be delivered to the central drop-off point by 15 a.m.”Wang Zheng, the manager of Hema Fresh Sunshine 100 store, introduced that the brand strictly protects customer privacy, and marking key information with marker pen is a special time of no choice. “Before the goods are transferred to the van, it is usually necessary to have a second check sheet to avoid missing and taking goods by mistake.”Step 3: Transshipment In fact, there is a long service chain from the ordering and payment to the delivery of goods.The order promised to be delivered in as little as 30 minutes can be stretched out due to various variables.At 8:30, the driver, Mr. Zou, drove his van from the store, turned right into the south Second Ring Road, drove along the road for only 3 minutes and arrived at the first centralized storage point — Sunshine 100 Phase iii residents’ daily necessities delivery point (building 36 guard).Here, 75 buildings are divided into eight smaller units, which are controlled by a quarantine team organized by Yuelu District.When the delivery truck pulls in, the volunteers, community workers and certified delivery personnel who have been waiting for it take turns to unload the goods and put them into the corresponding points according to the number of buildings marked on the plastic bags.4 buckets of drinking water, 2 cartons of milk, 3 bottles of super value laundry detergent, packed in regular bags of daily supplies, one may weigh more than 10 jin.Only a short while, to help unload the reporter was sweating.”A basket of supplies at more than 100 jins, it takes three people to move onto the transfer car.”To see the reporter wiped his forehead sweat, a community worker wearing protective clothing said with a smile, a seemingly simple work, behind all need colleagues to focus on 24 hours on duty.Ms. Wang’s block 71, along with Blocks 70 and 72, was designated as Phase 3 Point 6. The roses were placed in a sterilized plastic basket.After being sent to point 6, all goods will be sent to the material storage point on the first floor of each building as a unit, and residents will go downstairs to get them.Through the translucent plastic bag, you can see the bouquet of Roses in the clear water, against a clear blue sky.Step 4: Deployment at 4 p.m. on the same day, Zou drove his van to and from the South Second Ring Road dozens of times, more than 1000 orders were sent to the centralized operation point in the area.But the day’s work is far from over.Eyes full of bloodshot Wang Zhengqi, and colleagues to discuss the distribution of the problems encountered and improvement methods.”The delivery ends at 4 p.m., and it is already 7 p.m.Now the storage area is empty, just waiting for a new wave to arrive.”Wang Zheng looked a little thin in his broad overalls.At the moment, he is to the warehouse to submit the transfer of goods application, after becoming a key supplier, there will be more than 3 times the usual fresh vegetables, meat, eggs and poultry transported to the store every day, to meet the needs of the daily life of the masses in the control area.Treating the office as a home and the cockpit as a mobile bed are part of Wang zheng’s daily routine these days.After sorting out the distribution data, he will go to the yuelu Commercial bureau to attend the once-a-day supply meeting at 8 PM.In the containment area, some people are running at high speed in their seemingly calm life, from morning to evening, in order to win the battle against the epidemic.

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