Milan have made new progress in signing new signings, with the captain accepting a substantial pay cut and the talented youngster agreeing to negotiate

Ac Milan have not made many deals in the winter window, but they are also in the process of negotiating contract extensions with the club’s players after their recent success, which is also important for the team’s salary control and overall management.For example, captain Roma nooli’s contract will soon expire.The huge salary he had signed before became an important liability for Milan.He would have to negotiate a pay cut to stay with the club.Based on previous reports, Romanioli may be reluctant to take a big pay cut.However, given his recent form and other clubs’ interest in him, the centre-back may have to accept a significant pay cut to ensure he can continue to play at Milan.Professional longo also gave a positive answer, romanioli and the team are close to a contract extension negotiations.In the case of Florenci, milan would almost certainly choose to buy the former roma captain on a long-term contract, although they will demand a discount on the transfer fee.Do not want to pay the original negotiated fee, this can also moderately reduce the relevant purchase fee.While Leo has almost agreed a contract extension, he will sign a long-term deal with milan to ensure that he will remain at the rossoneri for the best part of his career.Krunic, who was on the verge of leaving the club several times at the start of the season, has been one of the team’s less popular critics.However, with his impressive performances this season, he has won the confidence of the coaching staff and the general public and is expected to sign a new contract.good

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