In the revival of spring breeze rain, moisten things silent, all for students

Yu Fusheng, male, professor of Shandong Jianzhu University, head teacher of Class 216, Mechanical Engineering College.Postdoctoral fellow, doctoral supervisor of Shandong University, distinguished expert of Jinan Quancheng.Currently, he is the director of mechanical and Electrical Research Institute of Shandong Jianzhu University, the deputy director of TRIZ Innovation Theory Research Center, and the director of the Teaching and Research Section of Innovation Methods and Theories.He is mainly engaged in the teaching and research work of industrial robots, electromechanical precision measurement and control, TRIZ innovative methods and so on.In recent years, he has presided over a number of scientific research projects, including national Natural Science Foundation of China, National Postdoctoral Fund, provincial Science and Technology Research, provincial Innovation Project, Science and Technology Fund of Provincial Education Department, Development Fund of Ministry of Construction, Shandong Major Scientific Research Project (JMRH) and so on. As the first inventor, he has obtained 37 national invention patents.He is the author of 17 books, such as TRIZ Engineering Problem solving, Patent Writing and Creative Debate.Undertake enterprise horizontal project and scientific research and development more than 40 items.It has won the second prize and the third prize of Provincial teaching achievements in Shandong Province, the third prize of Science and technology progress in Shandong Province, the second prize of science and Technology Progress award of Education Department, and more than 10 science and technology Progress Awards of Machinery Department.Professor Yu Fusheng’s robotics teaching and patent innovation have been reported by CCTV, China Education Daily, Jinan TV, Life Daily and other media.Since Mr. Yu Fusheng came to our school in 2000, he has been involved in student management and served as the instructor of two classes.With the rapid development of the school in the past 20 years, Mr. Yu actively responded to the call of the school and served as a professional tutor for one class in 2008, 2013 and 2017 respectively. Since 2018, he has served as the “universal tutor” for 26 students.During this period, he actively organized innovative lectures, patent writing, photography competitions and other activities, which strengthened students’ ideological and political education and improved class cohesion.Led the students to visit the Liberation Pavilion, Ji ‘nan Battle memorial hall for many times, for the tomb of the heroes mountain revolutionary martyrs, let the students realize that today’s beautiful life is hard won, encourage the students to study hard, study hard, constantly improve their comprehensive quality, the future science and technology to serve the country.Mr. Yu fusheng makes full use of his scientific research advantages and organizes leading activities in science and technology every year, from innovative methods, SolidWorks, single chip microcomputer, ARM, VC++ to mobile phone android programming, giving advice and actively guiding students to participate in extracurricular science and technology competitions.Shandong Province mechanical and electrical product design Competition, electronic science and technology competition, maker competition and so on, all left the style of jiandu students struggle, won more than 100 awards.Without the support of special funds, Teacher Yu provided personal funds to support Robocon, the most technologically difficult contest in the five Robocon World University Student Robot Competitions, and guided the contestants one after another to strive step by step from the provincial top 16 to the national second prize.Conscientious, the teacher in charge to all students in 2021 schools responsibility system, the resurrected after the appointment of the teacher in charge teacher in the first time into the dormitory, with each student friendly communication, understand the basic information of the students and took a picture with each student, the information and photos are included in the teacher in charge, in the manual for students to leave school after the young memories.The most important part of a class teacher’s work is to accompany.Teacher Yu took a variety of ways to deeply understand what students think, vacation has driven to Weifang, Xintai, Jiyang and other places to carry out home visits, as far as possible to let each student can better adapt to college life;Pay attention to each student’s professional learning, guide them to find the right direction of learning, encourage students to adhere to their professional expertise, for students’ professional learning and development as a good adviser;Students who are capable of learning and interested in scientific research will be invited to join the open laboratory to learn and participate in the research work of scientific research topics and exercise their scientific research spirit.From 3 d model to mechanical processing, from circuit simulation to welding and debugging, from simple validation experiments to independent development, with a lot of difficult problems in production and living, guides the student to innovate for valuable innovative solutions to improve, to guide the students to make the prototype, and on the basis of published scientific papers, writing a patent for invention, and enterprise cooperation.Since 2008, I have instructed my classmates to successfully develop more than 20 small projects for enterprises and write thousands of invention patents.Among them, students such as Fan Guolong and Gao Zhuangzhuang, who graduated in 2019, have applied for more than 70 invention patents, and 80% of them have been authorized.Some of the students who worked in the lab at that time founded companies with an annual output value of more than 200 million yuan after graduation, becoming industry leaders, and most of the students have grown into technical backbone of large and medium-sized enterprises.”Teachers are usually busier than students, but freshmen are busier than teachers.”This is a word that Teacher Yu Fusheng often says.Because freshman students have to run exercises in the morning and attend evening self-study in the evening, it is difficult to find the free time shared with students during the adaptation period of freshmen, when teachers are most in need of guidance.In order to enable students to better integrate into campus life, Teacher Yu is student-centered and takes students’ free time as the benchmark of work arrangement. In students’ free time, he would turn off project review and other work invited outside and make full use of this time to communicate with students.During this period of time, Mr. Yu often went deep into students’ classes and dormitories, accompanied with students, participated in all kinds of freshman activities, and devoted more love and energy to students.He not only cares about each student’s academic performance, but also pays close attention to their daily life and physical health.For homesick students, he would communicate with their parents privately, asking them to communicate with their children more;For students with inferiority, he patiently enlightened them and helped them gradually eliminate pressure;It is because of his sincere treatment and selfless dedication to students, many students who have graduated for many years still keep in touch with him. On holidays, the teacher received countless blessing messages.”Education is lighting the lamp, not filling the basket.”Teacher Yu said: “as a college student head teacher, the responsibility requires us to do a good student growth guide, good class style training, coordination of the artist, class management designer, innovation and entrepreneurship instructor, we feel a great responsibility.However, we will be loyal to their duties, be conscientious, study hard, work hard, march forward, must do these roles, fulfill the mission.Students are our future.Graphic by Xujianda push by Courtesy weekly editor by Xu Yijia

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