If the decoration, the home water and electricity must “6 do not”, do not pretentious, in many homes

Guide language: in decorating in the home construction of these water and electricity “pit” must avoid, this is not alarmist, they are past person “blood” lesson.The construction of water and electricity in decorating belongs to hidden project, decorate namely what you cannot see them, because this is the easiest “step pit”.If there is a problem after occupancy, then it is very troublesome, when the demolition of the wall fold ground is necessary.If decorate again, the water and electricity construction in the home must “6 do not do”, this is not hypocritical, because there are a lot of moves in the home.Let’s take a look.1, do not use hot water pipe instead of cold water pipe hot water system is the most basic function of every home.A lot of decoration companies recommend customers to replace cold water tube with hot water tube, because the wall of hot water tube is thicker than cold water tube, but, is there no problem really so?The disadvantages of using hot water pipe instead of cold water pipe: A, the function of cold water pipe and hot water pipe different manufacturers of water pipe production of hot water pipe and cold water pipe must have considered its role, otherwise the direct production of A water pipe can be, cold water pipe is mainly under the water pressure, and hot water pipe is mainly bearing the high temperature of hot water.Some people would say, well, wouldn’t the thicker the wall, the better?This idea is wrong, the thicker the wall of the pipe, the greater its cold brittleness, but will increase the probability of water pipe problems.Therefore, do not replace cold water pipes with hot water pipes.B, cost increases the price of hot water pipe is generally about 10% more expensive than cold water pipe, if the hot water pipe instead of cold water pipe, a 100 square meters of house costs to increase about 1~2 thousand yuan.It’s not much, but wouldn’t it be nice to use the money to buy something better?(2) the hot water pipe is not covered with thermal insulation cotton for hot water pipe insulation cotton is mainly to let the hot water in the pipe heat preservation, prevent aging, but the work is not recommended, because the wall of the hot water pipe is thick enough, plus the hot water circulation system, plus the water pipe is closed with cement mortar, can completely ignore these two points.Applying thermal insulation cotton to hot water pipe will also produce the following problems: A, increase the thickness of floor tile laying hot water pipe with thermal insulation cotton, will inevitably make the ground improve, when laying floor tile, can only be thickened cement mortar.In addition, it will also affect the height of the aluminum alloy floor door between the living room and the balcony. It is necessary to set the finished surface of the living room and the balcony. The problem of uneven ground and bottom groove is most likely to occur here.B, increase the cost of applying the thermal insulation cotton will increase the material and labor, then the cost will certainly increase, which is also a small expense.(3), the home must not be installed in the home of the restaurant, tea area and other places in order to facilitate the use of the ground, generally installed in the ground plug, so, usually at home to play hot pot or boiling water tea, plug is very convenient.Although the plug is convenient, there are also many disadvantages, can be said to be more disadvantages than advantages: A, cleaning inconvenient plug closed generally higher than the ground about 6MM, open about 4CM high, dust will be hidden in, when cleaning is very troublesome.It is easy to scratch the panels that are plugged in simultaneously.B, easy to produce leakage, tripping and other problems to plug there is a serious problem, that is, when mopping the floor, the plug is easy to water, resulting in leakage, tripping and other problems.(4), the toilet to the water pipe must not go across the toilet to the cold and hot water pipe must not be in the transverse wall of the pipe, because whether it is from the sink or go from the ceiling are more trouble, go across the wall the most convenient.So many construction personnel will be such a pipe.The drawback of such construction is: stick when wall brick shop is finished, when installing wash one’s hands stage, towel rack and closestool brush, want borehole installation on wall brick, drill conduit very easily at this moment, want to waste money again by then.Therefore, the plumbing of the toilet must not go horizontally in the wall, can go from the sink pool or smallpox, can avoid the problem of drilling through the pipe.⑤, the ground pipe must not be slotted in the floor of the floor slotted water pipe, can effectively reduce the thickness of the floor tile, so as to improve the height of the interior space.Construction purpose is good, but also can’t ignore the following disadvantages: A, destroy the safe house floor slab structure thickness is in commonly 10 cm ~ 12 cm, Luo Gong seen only 8 cm thick, the thinnest such thin slab even walk also dare not too vigorously at ordinary times, how much more is to be on the floor grooving, how much damage of floor slab structure safety.B, increase the cost of slotting in the floor of the construction process is: the first step in the ground according to the direction of the play good ink line;The second step is to slot the ground with machinery;The third step is to clean up the trash.Need to spend a lot of artificial, so slotting is also a big expense.Slotted pipe in the floor does more harm than good, so it must be avoided.⑥, the kitchen must not only do a group of line kitchen is the most electrical appliances in the home, if there is a leakage trip problem in the home, more than 80% is in the kitchen.Therefore, the kitchen must not only do a group of lines, meaning that there is an air switch in the strong electric box to control all the electricity in the kitchen.That is to say, the electricity of so many appliances in the kitchen depends on this group of lines to load.If long-term overcharge electricity, leakage trip is sooner or later a problem.We can add an extra set of wires to the high-voltage box to disperse the appliances, which will use more wires, but it will be much safer and worth it.To sum up, the above hydropower construction must “6 do not do” is luo Gang combined with the experience of many owners and their own construction experience, each one is experienced bloody lessons, tearful share, hope to see friends can avoid these “pits”.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Gus designer Luo Gong

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