IPhone calendar comes with 2022 holiday, schedule

Blink of an eye, the Spring Festival has passed, I believe that the vast majority of small partners have started work now!As a worker, in addition to work things, the most concerned about the New Year’s holidays may be how to put.As we all know, the iOS system has its own “Chinese holidays” subscription, but this subscription is relatively weak, can only be marked to display the day of the holiday.Take May 1 labor Day as an example, can only show May 1 is of course Labor Day, but can not tell us how many days off, from when to start the holiday and so on.Legal holidays a few months a few this does not need to be marked on the calendar presumably small partners are clear, but we are more concerned about the legal holidays put a few days, from when to start the holiday.So, is there a way to make the iPhone’s built-in calendar App display holidays?Of course there is.The iPhone calendar App doesn’t display holiday schedules, but the good news is that you can add subscriptions to the calendar. By adding a third-party subscription address, the official calendar App can also display holiday schedules, and even show the dates of holidays.How do you set it up?It’s as simple as replying to “172” at: Home of Apple Fans to get a free 2022 statutory Holiday subscription link and copy the link.Next we open the calendar, click the calendar in the middle of the bottom – Add Calendar – Add subscription calendar, paste the link you just copied, and click Subscribe.When we open the calendar again, we can see at a glance what day each holiday starts and ends.For example, Tomb-sweeping Day starts on April 3 and ends on April 5.May Day starts on April 30th and ends on May 4th.In this way, we no longer need to download a third-party calendar App to check the official holiday schedule, which is more convenient and free from third-party advertising harassment.Of course, if you don’t need this subscription, just open the Settings – Calendar – account and delete the legal holidays you have subscribed to, or unsubscribe from your calendar.

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