What kind of woman can’t be a wife?

Women looking for men, they are always looking for a better man than themselves.You’re better than yourself in every way.Your height should be higher than her, your income should be higher than her, your education background can not be lower than her, your frame, your comprehensive strength, to be higher than her, she will like you, will think you have a man’s charm.But in reality, a lot of men think that they can fall in love by kneel licking, sending flowers, gifts, spending money and pleasing each other. Why?There are two reasons. The first one is “wrong concept”. I have seen a lot of movies and TV shows.There are around, mother, uncle, aunt, classmates, friends, are also taught him in this way, so ah, his head inside the concept of love, was assimilated, think that love, is to be good to girls, is to send flowers, gifts, money, to fall in love.The second one is “insufficient knowledge”. That is, in ordinary times, people who do not know how to learn, do not know how to improve their love wisdom, and do not read books related to love feelings, then they do not know how to love, blind training, and do not know how to reflect on their own.In our love mind, love, must be, you do not need to spend a lot of money, when you need to spend a lot of money, to fall in love, then the love, there is no need to talk.Just like the male fan’s question, if this guy can afford a BMW, then such a woman, ah, does not need to.Even if the woman looks like a fairy, we should not be tempted.Because if you choose a woman like that, you’re putting the rest of your life in jeopardy.Most men’s misfortune starts from choosing a woman and getting married.Many women grow very beautiful, but the heart is not straight, full of lies, people are not virtuous and gentle, all day for you to find trouble, quarrel, more than anything more, so this woman you can not want.A woman’s body beauty, physical beauty, is not valuable, the real beauty of a woman, is the connotation of the United States.In our heart of love, ah, the choice of marriage, must be to choose a spirit of cooperation.What kind of people have the spirit of cooperation?In the heart of love, we list three aspects about the embodiment of the spirit of cooperation, one aspect, is that we should see the person in the marriage, she to what kind of conditions to talk about marriage.At the time of marriage, a penny less is not enough, for the bride price of the men to smash the pot and sell iron, then these people are not with the spirit of cooperation.Look at a woman ah, you see her personality, see if she will care about people, do not understand the care, considerate men of the woman, only know quarrel, want money, want gifts, want you to accompany her woman, you can directly delete the screen.Don’t get involved with a woman who makes demands and doesn’t give.Dating such a woman will not bring you any benefits, but will make you worse and worse, and die faster.Love must be equal to each other’s conditions, you have to recognize their own ability, the other’s ability, you are going to talk about this love.When you are in a relationship, when you are in pain, there is no need for the relationship to continue.Being in a relationship is about being comfortable and happy, and it gets better and better as you spend more time together.A really good woman is one with whom you feel comfortable, chatting, dating, and dealing with all kinds of things in life are very smooth.And some women, when you go to contact, say a few words, let you very annoying, very uncomfortable, all kinds of quarrel, attitude is very strong, then such a woman, will be far away.The first thing a man does when he marries a wife is to make himself comfortable.You’re not comfortable, you’re distracted by these things, you can’t make money, you can’t make money, this woman will make you more uncomfortable.If this cycle continues, your relationship will inevitably break down.Men don’t need to spend a lot of money in a relationship. You are the star of the relationship. Whether you send flowers, gifts or red envelopes, these things are meant to make you attractive.You are the greatest gift of all.The more you rely on flowers and gifts, the less valuable you are yourself, or you are sending the message that you are worthless and unworthy of her.When you spend too much money in a relationship, there are only two outcomes. One, you are passive in a relationship.Because you’re paying so much, the sunk costs are so high, it’s hard to make up your mind, break up, you’re not willing to invest.And you just keep sucking up to them.Second, after the other party gets too much money from you, the appetite will be bigger and bigger, and the demand will be more and more.When you don’t spend, when you don’t give, that’s when the relationship ends.So ah, the true love is equal, is not need to spend too much money.

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