The lack of reflective strip of stone pier led to vehicle collision pier, the department responded: paint after sunny, first with warning signs in emergency

Changjiang daily big client in wuhan on January 29th dispatch (reporter Zhao Jiaxin) huangpi district qi has always been home house bay bay road barricades stone, stone here is afraid of the big trucks in the street after a crush on the road, but the stone of the barricade, because article reflective damaged, which leads to many vehicles after hitting the pier here, we hope that relevant departments can paint well stone.A few days ago, the public Ms. Zhang in Wuhan city message board suggestion, got a response, the relevant departments said, to be clear after painting stone pier, now ready to plant warning signs in emergency.Stone piers on the road.Ms. Zhang said, close to the end of the year, driving back to the wanzi more and more people, especially in the evening, when the vehicle through here, because of the reflective strip damage on the stone pier, some unfamiliar drivers will accidentally hit the stone pier.”I have lived here for many years and I have seen many accidents.I hope the relevant authorities can solve this as soon as possible. After all, every car accident is a sad accident for a family.”According to article 34 of the Highway Safety Protection Regulations, the Government affairs Service Center of Qijiawan Street in Huangpi District said:The competent transport department of the people’s government at the county level or the people’s government at the township level may, according to the needs of protecting township roads and village roads, set up necessary facilities for height and width restriction at the entrances and exits of township roads and village roads, but they shall not affect the needs of emergency passage such as fire control, hygiene and first aid, and shall not collect fees from passing vehicles.The centre, says ms zhang suggested that marking make obvious or roadblocks on the barricades installation of traffic lights, the qi family bay street staff has to competent authorities for the feedback, after waiting for the weather is sunny, will arrange workers to paint marking not clear stone, hint at the same time, hope the broad masses of the driver friends pay attention to the road conditions, when driving in through this road to slow down.In addition, considering the prolonged rain and snow at this time of year, the streets are considering temporary warning signs to remind passing drivers to slow down.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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