The first real estate tax pilot city surfaced?

The first real estate tax pilot city may have surfaced.A few days ago, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Statistics was released “2021 Xiamen Real estate development investment operation analysis”, the article mentioned – one to increase the speed of the city’s affordable housing construction, stability of the market at the same time restrain housing prices rise too fast, and strive to promote common prosperity in high-quality development;Second, we should do a good job of preliminary preparation for the real estate tax pilot in Xiamen, so as to prevent the city’s real estate market from big fluctuations.Not Shenzhen!Not Beijing and Shanghai!It’s not Hangzhou!”Real estate tax pilot landing” local government official stated publicly, Xiamen unexpectedly is the first.Is it a surprise?Are you surprised?Beautiful Xiamen in fact, if you understand the Property market in Xiamen, may not be a little unexpected.To take a simple example, when hangzhou tourists first visited Xiamen in 2008, the housing price of Xiamen was about 0.7 times that of Hangzhou.How about now?It is estimated that the reverse is true, and the housing price of Hangzhou may be about 0.7 times that of Xiamen.Even if the last two years of Hangzhou housing prices rose a little fierce, the ratio has not been so exaggerated, but xiamen housing prices as a whole in Hangzhou, it is certain.In terms of housing prices alone, Xiamen is China’s fourth largest city after Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.However, xiamen’s urban level is far below that of hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Nanjing, not to mention the four first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.In other words, the real estate tax pilot in Xiamen is supported by the logic of high real estate prices, while the impact caused by it is far less than the pilot in hangzhou, Chengdu and other strong second-tier cities.However, Xiamen certainly will not be a real estate tax pilot city.Who will be the next city to surface?

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