“Slow hand no” 12 generation Core I7 game this special price 6799 yuan

The performance of core desktop-level products of the 12th generation is very good. Although the whole platform is quite expensive, it can not stop people from buying it enthusiastically. Not only the desktop-level mobile laptops are also cost-effective.Light spirit 812 generation I7-12700H processor configuration 14 core 20 threads, can provide very strong computing performance, at the same time with 16GB DDR5 memory, this configuration is great, the graphics card with RTX 3050Ti, although not high-end graphics card, but to deal with some ordinary games is no problem.The current price is 6,799 yuan.If you want a more advanced version, you can choose the RTX 3060, which is more expensive at 7,999 yuan, but the screen has also been upgraded to a 144Hz high screen.(7870181).

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