Six million people moved out of housing and into new apartments: Jiangxi province took multiple measures to promote housing delivery

Before the Spring Festival in the year of the Tiger, Ms. Chen, a family living in Shangshawo, Donghu District, Nanchang City, moved into a resettlement community, and Ms. Chen moved to a new house, as well as 500 households in the area.This resettlement community has been due to a variety of reasons for the project stopped, and for the resumption of the project to remove obstacles, is the Jiangxi Province to carry out resettlement housing overdue delivery of special rectification activities.The rectification of the overdue delivery of 114,000 units of resettlement housing is a livelihood project concerning the vital interests of the people, but the overdue delivery of resettlement housing and other problems have long troubled many households.As a concentrated settlement community for urban residents, the development and construction of Donghu District is not smooth sailing, because it cannot achieve net delivery in time, the construction of the project was once delayed.To address the resettlement housing project construction lag, the issues that led to the overdue payment in September 2020, the three-year rectification activities in jiangxi province, the province live built hall in its list of the “I to the masses of” one of the key tasks of practice activities, by making a treatment scheme, strengthen the dispatching supervision, strengthen coordination linkage,We will vigorously promote the settlement of overdue housing delivery.Donghu District on the Shawo resettlement project to reporters, after the launch of special rectification activities, the problems facing the Donghu community quickly get properly solved, so as to remove the obstacles for the project.Junnanfu is a resettlement housing community in Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City. It was completed and put into use in July 2018. However, due to the unclear property rights of the plot, it is impossible to uniformly apply for the real estate certificate for the resettlement households.After the problems encountered by Junnanfu community were brought into special rectification, the problems of Junnanfu community were properly solved by means of urban linkage, multi-department joint report and joint examination, and opening of green channel.In April last year, the community completed the application of land certificates, followed by the first registration of property rights.”When I get the birth certificate, I feel like I own my house. I feel happy.”Resettlement household bear said happily.Provincial housing and construction department of the real estate market supervision department related person in charge, in order to let the people be moved to live on the new house, the special rectification activities, the province’s investigation of a total of 248 “problems” projects, involving resettlement housing 132,000 sets.By the end of 2021, 114,000 units had been rectified or basically rectified.From low, old and dirty villages in the city to neat, beautiful and well-equipped high-rise houses, innovative methods can be realized in the renewal of protection.As a pillar of resettlement housing rises, a happy picture of how to live in Ganzhou city slowly.Ganzhou is known as the “Southern Song City”.Before 2000, Ganzhou city urban area after intermittent shanty dilapidated house reconstruction, urban appearance and the living conditions of the masses have been improved, but in the past is mostly a small scale renovation, heavy construction light resettlement, resulting in the urban planning area, especially the old city and urban and rural integration department still have a large number of shanty areas to be transformed.”The houses in these shantytowns have high construction density, long service life, poor sanitation, imperfect facilities and great safety risks. Residents have an urgent desire to improve their living environment and conditions.”Provincial housing construction office real estate market supervision department said.Commendable is that Ganzhou city through the innovation of working methods, to achieve in the protection of the update, the people’s living environment improved substantially.The city has changed the former developer-led, profit-oriented renovation model and insisted on government-led, market-oriented operation.We will change the past model of giving priority to construction but little to resettlement, give top priority to resettlement and compensation, and encourage families to sign agreements and move out as soon as possible.For those families whose housing is still in short supply after compensation and who are eligible for housing security, they will be provided with government-subsidized housing or rent subsidies, and their children will be enrolled in nearby schools.Last year, 116,400 shantytowns were renovated in Jiangxi province, with an operating rate of 100.4%, data showed.According to reports, since the special rectification work of the overdue delivery of resettlement housing in Jiangxi province was carried out, a total of 32063 households have not been checked out in time. By the end of December last year, 31,961 households had been rectified or basically rectified, with an improvement rate of 99.4%.By the end of December 2020, a total of 165 million yuan had been paid to 7,285 households in arrears in monetary compensation, transitional resettlement fees and compensation for breach of contract.The renovation of shantytowns in Jiangxi province started in 2009, and by the end of 2020, 2.148 million households had been renovated, significantly improving the housing conditions of nearly 6 million people, according to sources.In 2019, 277,900 units of rundown urban areas were renovated, ranking first in China.204,200 units will be renovated in 2020, ranking third in China.Last year, Jiangxi province sought 3.31 billion yuan in special subsidies and matching funds for rebuilding shanty towns.During the Spring Festival, into the jian power plant shanty reconstruction resettlement project construction site, I saw the appearance of a coffee-colored building, workers are working hard to complete the cleaning work.On the sixth day of the first lunar month in the year of the Tiger, the construction site of qianjin New Village, the fifth phase of the resettlement project, was in full bloom despite the cold weather. The construction workers and managers stuck to their posts and worked hard to catch up with the schedule.For being moved into the house on time in anticipation of the masses, housing for jiangxi province ministry of door handle good design review, material procurement approach, engineering quality supervision, inspection and completion inspection and acceptance “four pass”, the housing construction quality in the first place, high standard, strict to promote housing construction, housing project really turned into quality engineering, and engineering,Let the people not only live in new houses, but also feel the joy of new houses, the happiness of home.Groups of shantytown residents have become new owners, one resettlement area butterfly into a “happy nest”, towards a happy life.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address:

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