Pingchang County Qima Middle School held the 2022 spring semester staff meeting

Sichuan News (Wang Huren Fuqiang) In order to make good preparations for the new semester and ensure a safe, clean and orderly start of the semester, on February 15, all the staff of Qima Middle School in Pingchang County, Bazhong City, held a working meeting for the spring semester of 2022 in the conference room of our school’s Qiyuan Building.The meeting mainly arranged, conveyed and made arrangements for the preparation work of the spring semester in 2022.At the meeting, president Wang Zhiqin first conveyed the spirit of the opening work conference of Pingchang County Education, Science and Sports Bureau.According to the situation of the school and the actual work, strict requirements were made for the work of the beginning of the school: first, epidemic prevention and control should achieve “three normal conditions” and “three normal conditions”.Two is clear goal, look for the right direction, all the teaching and administrative staff must be familiar with the school this semester’s work ideas in the opening stage.3 it is to be prepared for every class teachers, as a “heart have ideal, have passion, work goal, life is the pursuit of” the good teachers, “four haves” people settled down to teaching, hidden under the body education, firmly establish a sense of responsibility, collaboration consciousness, suffering consciousness, quality consciousness, competition consciousness, safe consciousness, to establish a good image of the teachers in therefore.Then, the school leaders made specific arrangements in school management, teaching routine, safety and health, moral education, registration, admission requirements and other aspects.At the same time, I also hope that all teachers will be full of spirit and the best state into a new round of education and teaching.

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