One of the winter vacation, how to effectively improve results?The teacher suggested that you have to give up to gain

Winter vacation, as the name implies, is a cold weather holiday, usually in January or February in winter.In China, schools usually divide each academic year into two semesters.The first semester starts from September in autumn and ends on the 10th day of the 12th lunar month in the following year.This time is in China’s cold winter, the turn of the ninth lunar month, known as the winter holiday.Winter vacation usually lasts about a month.But in the cold northeast of China and other high latitude areas, sometimes as many as 45 days or even two months.Winter vacation has a long history in China, usually accompanied by the Spring Festival.In ancient times, there were all kinds of ceremonies and activities during the Spring Festival. At this time, teachers didn’t have time to teach students, and people wanted the whole family to get together during the Spring Festival, so there was the winter holiday.Although the winter vacation has a long history, but the winter vacation of high school students has been different from before when they went to school, always looking forward to growing up quickly, so that they can not go to school, do not have to take an exam, completely away from everything related to learning.But after I started working, WHAT I miss most is my school days. I dream about going back to school many times.At that time, the winter vacation usually began on the 20th day of the twelfth lunar month and ended on the 17th day of the first lunar month, lasting almost one month.But no matter in elementary school or high school, winter vacation homework is just an exercise book called “Winter Vacation homework,” and all the subjects are put together.Occasionally, the Chinese teacher would ask to keep a diary, and the other teachers would never assign extra tasks.In addition, the homework time is completely free to arrange.In primary school, I have a strong personality, and more studious, each holiday will always finish the homework first, and then the rest of the time can rest assured to play.However, in middle and high schools, they always leave homework until the first two days of school.Now I can still remember the situation of staying up late every day to finish my homework before school starts.In a word, my winter vacation, in addition to make up the homework time, the other are used to play.With the development of education, parents pay more and more attention to education, and schools pay more and more attention to the enrollment rate, which leaves children with more and more learning tasks.Nowadays, the winter vacation of high school students has changed dramatically compared with the past, and many students admit that it is better to go to school than to have a holiday.Now a high winter vacation, really belong to their own time only 3 days ago, a high school student’s parents and teachers said: “when the child just entered a high school, the results have been among the best, but after the midterm exam, the child obviously feel inadequate energy, many subjects can not take into account at the same time.Trying to get him to do something more, but he’s always trying to do something.I wanted to concentrate on studying during the winter vacation, but I had no time to spare because the teachers at school were too busy. What should I do?Later, the parents sent me their children’s school holiday arrangement. After reading it, I felt that the school teachers were really well-intentioned.From the second day of the students’ holiday, until the beginning of school, there are tasks arranged by teachers of various subjects every day.During the month-long winter vacation, students only have three days for themselves, which coincide with the Spring Festival period, namely the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, the first and second day of the 1st lunar month.The three days are during the Spring Festival, when people across the country get together with their families and celebrate the New Year.For students, it is no exception, besides getting together with their families, they also want to play with their friends.At this time, it is impossible for them to study, except for the students who have very strong self-control.Students are no longer alone in having their winter vacations filled with homework and online classes.So, for most students, the dream of improving their grades through winter vacation is probably over.High school students want to improve their grades in winter vacation, they must make a choice. There are three main situations in the winter vacation of high school.In the first case, the school teacher makes the winter vacation homework specific to each day, requires the students to finish it within the specified time, and then feedback to the teacher.In the second case, assignments and online courses are interspersed, and online courses are mainly focused on topics.Under normal circumstances, two days to write questions, two days to use the online class to explain questions.The third case, before writing, after the topic, other and the second case about.Either way, it’s the holidays, and school can’t take up all the time from morning to night as it usually does in school.So, as long as you want to learn, you can squeeze out your own time completely, but it is just to let yourself suffer a little tired, this is the first choice I said you gain and lose, you may get the improvement of grades, lose a little rest and relaxation time.In addition, high one students, most students have not been selected or arts and sciences branch, all subjects have to learn at the same time.But for many students, after a semester of study, they have already decided on their course choice.In this case, it is advisable to give up some subjects and spend more time on the main subjects.This is the second option of gaining and losing, where you trade the loss of some subjects for the gain of important subjects.In the end, what the teacher wants to say to everyone is that everyone’s learning situation is different, and their requirements are not the same.In high school, some students just want to go to college, while others don’t want to go to college.In liberal arts branch or free when choosing a branch, some student considers his interest interest only, some student considers future obtain employment prospect only, but some student can be united in wedlock oneself however the exam circumstance of each section.All of these differences can influence your choices.Different choices depend on different learning attitudes and methods.For example, as for the gains and losses mentioned above, we should understand that in many cases, there are some gains and some losses.Therefore, before making a decision, be sure to know how to weigh the pros and cons.Teachers hope that no matter what decision you make, you should fully consider your own situation and make the best choice for you.-END- Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to teacher Xiao Xu talk about education senior three students, final examination score of 413, this year is expected to be admitted to the university?The end of the final examination of the third year, scores have been announced around the country, the comparison to see whether they reach the line of the third year can be admitted to the university, the key lies in this subject, less than 125 points basic no focus

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