James is so popular!Beat Curry to the top in 2 weeks, beating Jordan is not a dream!

Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has surpassed Stephen Curry as the top ticket winner for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game.It was a foregone conclusion, though Curry had been the no. 1 player in the first and second rounds of voting before James reversed the trend.By the third round, James had already pulled away from Curry, and while Curry was trying to pull away at the last minute, James did blow Curry away in terms of popularity over the course of two weeks, easily winning the all-star Game ticket crown.In the end, James received 9,128,231 all-star votes, nearly 1.5 million votes more than Curry in second place. That’s how influential James is.And that influence, let the world know, James as long as he does not retire, the ticket king, will continue to be his.James has been voted the NBA All-Star vote winner for the sixth year in a row, and is expected to be voted the NBA All-star vote winner for the seventh year in a row.Currently, James and Jordan are tied for no. 1, but the popularity of James makes it difficult for him to remain the top voteer next year, so James is expected to become the top voteer for the 10th All-Star Game. At that time, it is not a dream for James to surpass Jordan.Of course, next year is still a long way off. At least for now, Lebron has equaled Michael Jordan. Let’s wait for the All-Star game to start and see what he does to live up to his popularity.

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