High blood pressure again greedy also do not eat it, gluttonous blood pressure rise, do not pay attention to complications

The pressure of blood on the walls of blood vessels, and that pressure is blood pressure.Because blood vessel divides arterial, capillary blood, so, also have arterial tube and venous blood pressure, capillary blood pressure and venous blood pressure.Hypertension daily diet is very important, if the diet is not appropriate, blood pressure will soar, if long-term attention, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage may occur at any time!For example, we usually love to eat these foods, and here is the hidden “killing machine”, next xiaobian will give you a specific introduction of some such food, usually must pay more attention to.Foie gras is a high calorie, high fat, high cholesterol food, the cholesterol and fat contained in it, will produce such as weight gain, increase in vascular waste and many other adverse effects on the disease control of patients with hyperlipidemia, will increase the blood viscosity, easy to form thrombosis, block blood vessels, cause damage to the corresponding tissues and organs.But also can lead to the occurrence and development of complications.These complications, in turn, can worsen hyperlipidemia.Chicken soup is very nutritious, and eating it can raise cholesterol and blood pressure.Like sweet potatoes, dried beans easily lead to flatulence of food, hypertension patients or eat less for the better, in addition to the strong taste of biscuits, due to high sugar and salt content, so eat less.Chicken feet and other processed poultry foods, whether marinated, spiced, salted or pickled peppers, most of them contain excessive salt and are not recommended.Choose to eat duck neck, chicken wings, chicken feet with bones, less meat, calories are not high, if you love chicken gizzard, heart, liver, etc., eat 1 or 2 at a time.Spicy and fine food can make stool dry and difficult to discharge, easy to cause constipation, patients defecate, will increase abdominal pressure, blood pressure rose sharply, induce cerebral hemorrhage, so patients with hypertension forbidden spicy and fine food.

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